a2a 2.0 

As an a2a member, you already know that a2a allows you to search, browse, and exchange messages with any SFI affiliate. You're also aware that a2a allows you to identify and befriend SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; or search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more...or any combination, as well as create "best buddy" lists, brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news, and more.

With a2a 2.0, we've integrated this resource even more into SFI--with an a2a tab on your SFI homepage and 1 VP a day awarded to affiliates for visiting it. It also uses a2a members' real names and SFI account photos, so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

You can also access a2a via Affiliate Snapshots (the "mini-profile pages" you see when you click on an affiliate's name at the SFI Affiliate Center--such as the names on the various leaderboards). This makes it super easy to connect with fellow affiliates. When you open an Affiliate Snapshot, for example, you'll see an a2a "Friend Request" button. Just click this button and follow the simple directions to become friends with the affiliate. Note: The a2a button will not appear if the affiliate isn't an a2a member.

For more information on a2a 2.0 and answers to frequently asked questions, see this page.

Not yet an a2a 2.0 member? It only take a few seconds to get started:

To get started with a2a 2.0, everyone must register (even those who were previously members of a2a, version 1) from the new a2a tab on the Affiliate Center homepage.

Upon submitting your registration, you'll get 60 VersaPoints instantly. Plus, you'll also get a cool, a2a 2.0 badge for your homepage. NOTE: Due to privacy issues, the SFI system cannot maintain past relationships established in a2a version 1.0. However, you can get started fresh right now and begin befriending affiliates immediately.

Have suggestions for how we can make a2a even better? Use our Suggestion Box HERE.
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Connecting the dots in your area... 

Setting up a local "SFI Club" can be an effective and fun way to brainstorm and share ideas on building a profitable SFI business with REAL, live affiliates in your area. One easy way to connect with local SFI business owners is via a2a, SFI's affiliate-to-affiliate communication program.

Using a2a, you can search, browse, and exchange messages with other affiliates in your area and easily and quickly set up informal meetings, strategy sessions, or other offline get-togethers. NOTE: Remember, cross-solicitation is forbidden in SFI.

To get started, you must first register as an a2a member here.

Once you're registered, you can immediately start browsing the a2a roster, exchanging messages, and more. The more a2a members, the more valuable a2a is, so be sure to encourage all your affiliates to get registered.
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a2a: Network with your SFI peers 

SFI's social networking program, a2a, lets you search, browse, and exchange messages with ANY SFI affiliate.

a2a allows you to identify SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; or search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more...or any combination!

You can also create "buddy lists," brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news, and more.

One of the most valuable attributes of a2a is what it provides in LOCALIZED assistance. For example, by contacting other SFI affiliates in your area, you can learn about the best marketing methods and strategies for your region of the world.

Here's another great way to use a2a: Contact local affiliates in your area and form local SFI support groups and organize local get-togethers.

But don't stop there. With a2a's powerful search capabilities, you can find affiliates just like you to interact with. For example, let's say you're a 35-year-old female who lives in London, England. Let's also say you joined SFI three months ago. With a few clicks and a quick search, you can locate other SFI affiliates of your same age, gender, and location who started in SFI the same time as you did!

Click HERE to register and begin using a2a.
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Make your photo your SFI Forum avatar 

Dress up your plain posts at the SFI Forum with a snazzy photo of yourself as your avatar...it's easy!

1. Go to the SFI Forum.

2. Select the User Control Panel option. Click the Profile tab and select Edit Avatar.

3. Follow the instructions on uploading your photo (Maximum 90 x 90 pixels, 6KB).

Voila! Your posts now display your picture as your avatar.

TIP: For a great, easy way to re-size your photos to fit within SFI Forum requirements, check out the free Resizr online tool.

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