Save on shipping with TripleClicks in your neighborhood! 

Eliminate shipping fees for you, your TC members, and your SFI affiliates by searching for and locating member listings and ECAs in the prospective buyer's immediate area.

Here's how:

1. Log in at

2. Click a department from the list of departments located on the left side of the homepage.

3. On the top of the right sidebar, you'll see a option to filter for locally available products. Click the box for local pickups and enter a radius of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 500 miles, then click the "Submit" button.

4. You'll see all member listings offering a local pickup option, as well as ECA listings offering "will-call" pickup.

IMPORTANT! Some affiliates and customers may not see a significant number of local pick-up search results. YOU CAN HELP expand these results! Spread the word among your team members and your favorite ECAs that they can select local pick ups or will calls for their listings at

Example A:
With just a single TCredit on account, you, TC members, and your affiliates can list a product for sale at the store. If you wish, you can choose local pickups ONLY and bypass setting up ANY shipping options. This works great for selling hard-to-ship items, such as bikes, farm equipment, motorcycles, cars, etc. Prospective buyers in your area will see your listings, and if interested, they'll contact you using a contact form located on the details page of your listing. When you receive the message (includes the person's name, email, phone number, best time to call, etc), you can respond to the person by e-mail or phone to answer questions and/or to set up a showing/meeting. Should the person choose to buy your item, they pay you directly. You keep 100% of the sale price.

To list an item for sale at, start HERE.

Special Note: Other than your city, no other contact or address information of yours is revealed to the prospective buyer. It is completely up to you to provide this information, if you choose to, when responding to the prospective buyer.

Example B: If you already have member listings, just edit them to include the local pickup option. To do so, simply go HERE and check the "Item is available for local pickup" box.

Example C: Let our ECAs know--especially those in your country--that you'd like them to offer will-call (i.e. local pickup service). They can easily and quickly adjust their listings at any time to include this option. You can contact an ECA using the contact information on their TConnect page or by posting a message on their TConnect page.

By working on examples A, B, and C, we can make the TripleClicks "LOCALife" searches teem with listings in no time!
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Earn more commissions: become an ECA referrer 

Are there few products you like at or no ECAs in your country at the store?

Well, you could simply be patient--we're bringing in dozens of new ECAs every month.

But a much BETTER option would be to start referring your own ECAs! There may be thousands of other SFI affiliates just like YOU who want to start buying and selling products from local ECAs and/or who want products currently unavailable at TC. By making simple ECA referrals, YOU can begin earning lifetime royalties every time any one of the more than 1.3 million affiliates and TC members buy or sell the products of ECAs you've referred.

To learn more about this exciting supplemental SFI income program, see:][/url]
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Your ECA Referral Report  

You can view your ECA Referrals in a single report via your My Reports index. The ECA Referral report lists your ECAs from newest to oldest and features each ECA's company name, contact information, and customer referral link. You'll also see columns listing the date the ECA applied for participation in the program, the approval date (if applicable), and the number of products listed at

This handy report makes it easy for you to view at a glance all your ECAs' information and their product counts at the store. Use this data to offer product placement help for new ECAs with no product counts, encourage individual ECAs with growing product counts, and more.


Your success as an SFI affiliate (and your team's success), is tied directly to the success of TripleClicks--and our ECAs are a big part of TripleClicks. The more successful your ECAs are, the more successful YOU will be. A robust ECA program means more products and services, better prices, lower shipping costs, and MORE sales...which all adds up to bigger commissions for you!

And by referring ECAs, you can also benefit directly with royalties on ALL your ECAs' sales at TripleClicks for life! Learn more HERE.

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QuickTip: Encourage ECAs, boost your bottom line 

Our ECAs (E-Commerce Affiliates) are an important aspect to the growing vitality and product variety of YOU and your team can help boost this growing momentum by encouraging ECAs at the store.

First, simply check out the ECA Report at the SFI Affiliate Resource Center and click a company name to view an ECA's offerings. Note that the URL embedded with your SFI ID number. If you like the company's offerings, just use this URL to promote the ECA's "store within a store." Not only will you help encourage the ECA to post more products, you'll also earn up to 72% CV Customer Commissions on any sales you generate!

Additionally, for those ECAs that really impress you, be sure to click the "Connect" button next to the company's name on the ECA Report or within an ECA's product description page at ECAs build their "power rankings" based on the number of "connections" they accumulate. The higher an ECA's power ranking, the more they'll be encouraged to turn their TC presence up a notch, with more listed products, featured Hot Deals, Closeouts, and more. Note that you may receive special offers, etc. from the ECAs you connect with!
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Exclusively for you and your team members at TripleClicks... 

Our SFI Affiliates are special...SO special in fact that some of our ECAs have begun to target affiliates with products, tools, and offers at the TripleClicks store specifically designed for SFI. To browse through these special items, just search for "SFI" at the TripleClicks store. And don't forget to check out the store's SFI Department for exclusive EyeEarn, TripleClicks, and SFI marketing products, ebooks, booster club specials, and other items available only to affiliates.
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Pick up easy VersaPoints each day! 

Make sure you stop by TripleClicks and check out the new daily product additions--and earn two quick VersaPoints for doing so. Just go to your homepage at the SFI Affiliate Center. On your SFI To-Do List, under Daily Actions, click "For checking out the latest items at TripleClicks." You'll be redirected to a list of the newest items at the store.

NOTE: For more new, great ECA products at the store check out our new ECA Report at the Affiliate Center. Bookmark and check daily for the latest ECAs in your country.

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Marketing outside the box 

Sponsoring affiliates, referring TripleClicks members, and driving duplication in your team are key to creating big incomes at SFI.  But don't forget that you can also add to your income in these two ways:

1. Sell stuff around your house you don't need for extra cash. You can even list your first 50 items on TripleClicks free! After completing the SFI LaunchPad series, you'll have 50 complementary TCredits, which you can use to post listings of your items at the store.

2. Consider becoming an ECA and setting up a TConnect store at TripleClicks. Then just promote your ECA Gateway to your online customers. If you need ideas on items you can sell, see this article
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A new insight on the ECA opportunity 

The following was posted on the SFI Forum today by JD:


"I own a 1965 Ford Thunderbird and I am constantly ordering restoration parts as it is an ongoing project. If you go on one of TC's biggest competitor's site and search for 1965 Tbird you find at least 500 different items every week. Folks you are missing out on a HUGE category of items to be sold on TC. There are literally 100's of car parts dealers out there.

So here's another tip for you. Do all of us car lovers a huge favor and PLEASE print off the free flyers that SFI gives you to promote the ECA program, and send them to classic car parts dealers around the world.

I'd LOVE to be able to buy my parts from an ECA that you signed up! I would be placing multiple orders every week.

One of the dealers I had contacted was concerned about the minimum 15% received by TC upon every sale. I just informed that I'd be happy to pay 15% ABOVE their regular retail (catalog) price to be able to order from them on TC. All they need to do is add 15% to their regular price.

One more thing on this....the more members who send out flyers and brochures to these dealers, the more chance there is that they will become an ECA (once they see how popular TC is becoming). Don't worry about "saturation" or sending a flyer to a business that someone else has already sent to...the more the better. Let's saturate!!

Again, it's win-win-win: They make money selling on TC, you make overrides, and I get to earn VP's while restoring my Bird!"


Are lightbulbs going on in your head? They should be. The opportunity to sign up ECAs right now is quite possibly the biggest opportunity SFI has ever offered its affiliates, not just for auto parts of course, but for MILLIONS of products and services worldwide. Make sure YOU are not missing out. To get up to speed on the ECA program, start here:
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