Leadership Tool: Profile Scores 

Identify potential future stars in your affiliate team with Profile Scores!

Here's how it works: Our system reviews the responses your affiliates have given to questions on their Affiliate Profiles. We assign a point value to each response to help identify affiliates who have set high goals, committed to investing significant time or money into their new business, are experienced in network marketing or Internet marketing, and/or who have past leadership experience, and so on. These point values are all added altogether to create the affiliate's Profile Score.

These Profile Scores allow you to quickly get an idea of your affiliate's level of motivation and commitment, and maybe even an insight into the kind of affiliate this person is going to be.

That said, there are limitations to how much weight you should put on the Profile Score for any given affiliate. Keep in mind that the score is only a number based on Affiliate Profile responses. A high score does not guarantee a future Platinum Team Leader. Likewise, a low score doesn't necessarily indicate that an affiliate is going to go nowhere. High or low, ALL your affiliates should be greeted with enthusiasm and strong support!

You can find Profile Scores in the e-mail notifications you receive whenever one of your PSAs completes their Affiliate Profile. Also, you will soon be able to see Profile Scores on the Affiliate Manager and Genealogy.

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Find your affiliates online! 

How can you find and communicate with your team members who are currently online at the SFI Affiliate Center? Just look for the "yellow SFIM bubbles"--on your Genealogy report, on the My Movers tab on your Affiliate Center homepage, on Affiliate Manager pages, and on your Upline Team page. Just click the yellow bubble to initiate an online conversation with that affiliate.

A few tips:

* If you're chatting with a person who's primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in another browser window so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

* When initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Support and assist your downline, and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.


NOTE: If the bubble icon is gray, it means the individual is not online, or he/she has not entered IM information, or has not given your permission to contact him or her via IM.

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Genealogy Tip: Viewing your CSAs 

To quickly view information about your Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs), just select "Generation = CS" as the filter in your Genealogy Report. You can then select various tabs within your report to view VersaPoint (VP) totals, sales, contact, or other information about your CSAs or award Gift Certificates or TCredits. Use the report's remaining filter option to further refine your CSA list (by VP total, join date, last login date, etc.). You can also click the "Send an e-mail/TeamMail to this group" option in the top section of the Genealogy to send off a quick message to your selected CSAs.
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Don't give up on affiliates with bad e-mail addresses! 

Do you have group members with bad e-mail addresses?

Here's a tip: try reaching these affiliates via SFI's TeamMail or TeamTalk at the Affiliate Center and asking them for a working e-mail address you can use to send them answers to their questions, important support information, tips, newsletters, etc.

You can access TeamTalk via your SFI Alerts page. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter a general message requesting your affiliates double check their e-mail addresses on file with SFI. Be sure to refer them to www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/EditAccountInfo.sfi where they can update their e-mail addresses, if necessary. Then select whether to send your message to your PSAs, CSAs, or your entire downline, and click Submit when you're done.

To use TeamMail, go to your Genealogy, select the group you wish to send your message to, then click the "Send an e-mail/TeamMail to this group." Insert your message and subject header in the appropriate fields, and click "Send Message." These messages will show up in your affiliates' Message Center at the SFI Affiliate Center. NOTE: For help selecting a group via your Genealogy, see this tutorial.

Chances are, your active affiliates who are checking their Affiliate Center regularly will see your message and update their e-mail addresses with you and SFI.
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QuickTip: Don't miss the red flags! 

Keep an eye on your Genealogy for red "<500" flags. Affiliates with this flag next to their information indicates they've generated less than 500 VersaPoints in the last 90 days and are in jeopardy of having their SFI affiliateship canceled at the end of the current month.

Although SFI starts to send notifications about the red flag status to these affiliates beginning on the 15th of each month, there's no substitute for PRO-ACTIVE, personal contact by you, their SFI Sponsor!

Here's a sample letter you could edit and use:


Hi Tom,

My Genealogy is indicating that you have less than 500 VersaPoints in the last 60 days. This is less than SFI's Minimum Activity Requirement, so your SFI affiliateship could be canceled at the end of this month.

You are an important member of my team and I'd really hate to lose you! So how can I help? Are there questions I can answer for you? Is there anything I can assist you with?

I'm extremely excited about what SFI is doing. With its new E-Commerce Associates program, for example, the SFI opportunity has just taken a huge leap forward. I'm going to be very active with SFI personally and I would really like to be able to work with you as a key member of my team.

Please drop me a quick e-mail and let me know what I can do to help you get the points you need before the end of the month.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name
Your contact information



For quick, easy points, TCredits are one of the best values and can even be tax-deductible if used for attracting new TC members. One TCredit is just $1.99 and comes with 110 VersaPoints. Two TCredits is just $3.98 and comes with 220 points. Three TCredits is just $5.97 and comes with 330 points. Four TCredits is just $7.96 and comes with 440 points. What can you do with TCredits? See TCredits FAQs HERE.

Note also that many additional uses for TCredits are coming to TripleClicks. Order TCredits at TripleClicks.com. Just log in at TC and search for "TCredit."
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Genealogy tip... 

You can easily find information and e-mail addresses of all your personally sponsored and co-sponsored affiliates in your Genealogy report. Just select the Communications format. Click an individual e-mail address to send a message to a specific person, or "Send an e-mail/team mail to this group" link to send a group message (i.e., newsletter, announcement, etc).

Also, keep in mind that numerous formats, sorts, and filters are available in your Genealogy to display all kinds of details about your team members. Check them all out!
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QUICKTIP: Co-sponsor search on Genealogy 

Need to select JUST your co-sponsored affiliates from your SFI Genealogy? It's easy to produce a list of just your co-sponsored affiliates for group messaging and more. Simply select "Generation" as your filter, then "CS" as the filter option.
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Genealogy Tip: Switching format views within your sorts 

Within your SFI Genealogy report, you can use the sorts and filters within any format you choose. HOWEVER, did you know that you can then switch to a different format with the sorts and filters intact? This could save you lots of time when creating multiple lists for issuing gift certificates, reassigning affiliates, and more.
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QUICK TIP: Genealogy Features 

Click any SFI ID number on your Genealogy to access the Affiliate Manager, featuring detailed information on that affiliate. For personally sponsored affiliates, this page includes data from the Affiliate Profile, performance statistics, upline information, a sponsor checklist, and more...all designed to help you provide strong support (your responsibility as an SFI sponsor).

For more information about getting the most out of your Genealogy Report, see Genealogy Tips & Shortcuts.
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SFI Affiliate Question of the Week 

Q: How does the SFI Gift Certificate program work?

A: It's simple: use the Gift Certificate Manager to add funds to your Gift Certificate account, view pending certificates, etc. To issue a Gift Certificate to one of your affiliates, go to your Genealogy Report (Gift Certificate Format). Then click the "Buy Now" link to purchase a Gift Certificate for a specific affiliate.

The SFI system then automatically sends your affiliate a special e-mail notifying them of the discount you've offered and the deadline. There will also be a special link included to quickly and easily access and choose an EA-qualifying product or products from TripleClicks.com—your affiliates will receive the discount you've authorized right off the top! These redemptions will be deducted from a special account you will fund.
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Affiliate Tips: Consider alternative ways to reach your PSAs, team members 

Want to spark new life into your team and SFI business? Consider alternatives to usual methods of communication to help re-establish contact with your PSAs and team member signups who aren't taking action.

First, go to your Genealogy report (not the condensed version, but the full Genealogy). Set the report's first Sort to "Communication" and the second Sort to "E-mail Address" and click the Go button.

Notice the e-mail addresses in the resulting list. Type "yahoo" in the Genealogy filter to bring up your affiliates who are using Yahoo! e-mail (you can do the same for Hotmail and other popular e-mail providers). Download the .csv file from your sort, and open it with Excel or another spreadsheet program.

Now, you can use this spreadsheet list of e-mail addresses to send a general PLAIN TEXT e-mail to all affiliates on your list. Enter one e-mail address in the SEND field and the rest in your e-mail's BCC field. IMPORTANT! Please do not put all e-mail addresses in the SEND field. Doing that will cause all e-mail addresses to be sent to everyone, and you DON'T want to do that. Using the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) will prevent addresses from being viewable to everyone else and keep your affiliates' information private.

Your message to these affiliates should be short, explaining why they are getting this message and who you are. Include a short line telling your affiliates to login to sfimg.com with their e-mail addresses if they cannot remember their account numbers and to pay attention to the alert on the first page they see. And don't forget to ask your affiliates to reply to your e-mail message.

Do NOT include any clickable Website links or your e-mail address in your mail. Clickable links and e-mails within the message body will will probably be caught and deleted by spam blockers. If you include links, strip off the "http://" part of the URL.

You could also get your own Yahoo! Messenger account (and/or MSN Messenger, etc.) and add your list of e-mail addresses to your Yahoo! Buddies list. Just be sure when adding to your Buddies list that you put your affiliates' first and last names in the Alias field and tag the end of the name with "(SFI)." Create a group called SFI and put your affiliate list in that group. Don't worry if you get an error message, the names will still be on your buddy list. Then, send an intro message to them (doesn't matter if they're online or not. The next time they login, they'll see your message. NOTE: MSN Messenger does not let you send messages when recipients are offline.

After you give these methods a try, you may successfully establish your first communication with affiliates who have been sitting for months with no action. Even something as simple as a "hello" when you notice they're online might be enough to keep SFI on their radars and help build a good relationship with fellow affiliates and team members. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised how quickly things can change for you and your team by simply maintaining simple, easy contact.

EXTRA TIP: A lot of affiliates today love social networking (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.). Some of these programs allow you to immediately search for other friends in your address book who are already using that social site. You might be surprised to find some of your affiliates who have already signed up but have not logged in to the Affiliate Center or taken any action in a long while. Just send a friend request to re-establish communication with them. That said, it's VERY important that you take it easy and not force SFI-related questions or conversations on them right out of the gate. Build a good rapport first before you remind them about of their SFI businesses.

Special thanks for these tips to:

Lyle Kannenberg, SFI EA

Lusekelo Kaoloka, SFI EA

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