Find your affiliates online! 

How can you find and communicate with your team members who are currently online at the SFI Affiliate Center? Just look for the "yellow SFIM bubbles"--on your Genealogy report, on the My Movers tab on your Affiliate Center homepage, on Affiliate Manager pages, and on your Upline Team page. Just click the yellow bubble to initiate an online conversation with that affiliate.

A few tips:

* If you're chatting with a person who's primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in another browser window so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

* When initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Support and assist your downline, and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.


NOTE: If the bubble icon is gray, it means the individual is not online, or he/she has not entered IM information, or has not given your permission to contact him or her via IM.

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A tip about tips... 

At SFI, there's no shortage of helpful tips, short articles, easy how-to's, and other helpful, quick advice about getting your SFI business up and running, growing a profitable team, and maintaining a successful business.

In addition to the SFI Tips blog, you can view valuable insights, tips, shortcuts, and more from your fellow affiliates in the Affiliate Tips article in the Training section of your Affiliate Center.

There are also tips galore to be viewed at the Top 300 Leaderboard, PowerRank Leaderboard, and your Scoreboard. Just click the names of those with a checkmark beside them. Be sure to rate each one you read to help move the most valuable tips to the top of our "best of the best" listings!

Finally, you can view a helpful daily Power Tip, as well as an Affiliate Tip, on your Affiliate Center home page under the Today tab.

All in all, there are LOTS of tips and resources you and your team can view each day covering most aspects of creating and operating your SFI business. Spread the word to your affiliates!
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Did You Know...? 

You can win 25 TCredits in our daily drawing featured on the bottom of your SFI Affiliate Center home page. Just answer the day's question correctly to enter the drawing.
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SFI Basics on the SFI homepage 

Many new SFI affiliates get lost or are overwhelmed by the information outlined on the SFI To-Do List. That's why we've created the "SFI Basics" tab, now the default tab on the SFI's homepage.

The information on "SFI Basics," makes SFI simpler for your incoming affiliates. It explains the three basic parts to SFI (Refer TripleClicks Members, Sponsor Affiliates, Duplicate), essential aspects of the program that new affiliates should understand first.

Be sure you refer your new affiliates to the "SFI Basics" tab. Be ready to answer their questions and help them get a good start building their SFI businesses.
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Stay connected with SFI Instant Messaging 

Use SFI's built-in instant messaging to communicate in real time with both upline and downline members right from within the SFI Affiliate Center.

To use SFIM, just look for the "yellow SFIM bubbles." That is, on your Genealogy, on My Movers, on Affiliate Manager pages, and on your Upline Team page, you'll see a small bubble icon. If it's gray, that indicates the person is not online at the Affiliate Center. If the bubble is YELLOW, however, that means they ARE online currently and you can initiate an online conversation with them instantly.

Initiating a conversion is super simple. Just click on the yellow bubble!

On their end, a pulsating "SFIM" icon will appear in the header (of the Affiliate Center). Clicking on this icon will allow them to proceed to a live instant messaging conversation with you if they wish to.

Here are four tips for using SFIM:

The easiest way to see who's online right now is to go to your genealogy and choose the "Online" filter. Select Online = Yes, then click the "filter" button and you'll see a listing of everyone in your downline who is currently online at the Affiliate Center. You can now initiate conversations by clicking the yellow bubbles beside their names. If no names appear, this means no one in your downline is currently visiting the Affiliate Center, but you can of course try again later.

2. If you're chatting with a person who's primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in a another window browser so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

3. Just as this article emphasizes, when you're initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Use SFIM to support and assist your downline and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.

4. If you see the yellow bubble beside your sponsor's name in the top right corner of the header at the Affiliate Center, this indicates your sponsor is online currently. Click the yellow bubble to initiate a conversation with your sponsor.
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Increase your momentum...with My Movers 

My Movers is a powerful tool you need to get to know and USE DAILY.

Found on your SFI Homepage, the My Movers section provides you with an up-to-the-minute list of your 10 most active personally sponsored affiliates–based on VersaPoints. Rather than having to wade through your Genealogy to locate your "movers and shakers," we've put them right on your homepage for you so you can easily interact and assist them!

My Movers includes:

- Each affiliate's photo (if provided)
- All contact information provided (including phone numbers and instant messaging)
- Join Date (the date he/she joined SFI)
- Last login date
-Overall, country, and class Power Rankings
- VersaPoints so far this month

To help you coach your movers, we've also included the number of VersaPoints they need to advance to the next earnings level in SFI. SHOW THEM how they can earn the points they need and you'll help them...and you'll help yourself!

How? Click on their VersaPoints total for the month. You'll now see a listing (in a new window) of all the actions they've earned points for so far and all the actions that they can do to earn even more points. For many of your affiliates, you'll probably see a number of "easy" actions that they can grab quick points for–which can advance their Power Rank, payouts, and perks. Point these actions out to them and offer helpful advice where you can. For example, maybe they don't understand how to get set up to follow SFI on Twitter, but YOU do. Show them!

And if you need even more information, just click their SFI ID number to access our even-more-detailed Affiliate Manager screen in a new window.

Note that, by default, we'll display the 10 most active affiliates from your entire organization. However, if you prefer to identify movers from within your newer affiliates, you can click the link in the top right corner and it will display for you only affiliates who are in their first 30 days with SFI.

Tip: Identifying rising stars in SFI hasn't always been the easiest thing to do, but with VersaPoints, that's no longer true. With VersaPoints scores, you're looking at everything an affiliate does, not just narrow activities like recruiting affiliates. Indeed, you wouldn't want to overlook an affiliate who may be "soft" in other areas but who's generating big sales!

Using VersaPoints totals, it's now super easy to see who's active and who's not, who's moving up and who's an up-and-coming star. And once you've identified a star, you've identified a potential goldmine. See this "Ask Gery" article for more on this important topic.

By the way, your genealogy has also been updated to now include VersaPoints columns: "VP(M)" provides THIS MONTH's VersaPoints. "VP(T)" provide ALL VersaPoints accumulated to date.

Another neat feature of My Movers is the ability to add comments about each affiliate. Just click on the pencil icon to the right of the affiliate's name and you'll be able to add comments and notes for your own use (no one but you can see these notes!). The pencil icon changes to green to let you know that you've made previous notes. This same notes feature has also been added to the Genealogy!

Tip: We haven't determined the cause yet, but sometimes when you click the My Movers tab, you'll get fewer listings than there should be. If you experience this, just click on one of the other tabs like My Goals, then click on My Movers again and you'll likely have everything. Of course, if you do not have any personally sponsored affiliates yet, My Movers will not be able to display anything regardless.

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To access your Power Rank Personal Scoreboard quickly, just click your point total in the Power Rank summary box at the top of your Affiliate Center home page.
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