Marketing Index Tip 

The recently overhauled Marketing index at the SFI Affiliate Center helps you find the marketing methods and aids you and your team members want. Look for "Mktg" (replacing "R&S") in the main menu. The Marketing index organizes Marketing Methods and Marketing Aids into categories for Referring Members, Sponsoring Affiliates, and EyeEarn, as well as the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) and ClickBucks Supplemental Income Programs.

As part of the re-organization, EyeEarn marketing aids and methods are now separated from the Refer and Sponsor marketing sections. This change lets affiliates interested in using EyeEarn to simultaneously sponsor affiliates and refer TripleClicks members easily find only the EyeEarn aids and methods they're looking for. Note: Though encouraged, participation in the EyeEarn Co-op is NOT required to use EyeEarn marketing aids.

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SFI Affiliate Question Of The Week 

What's an easy method for sponsoring new SFI affiliates?

One simple method is to become a member of the EyeEarn Co-op Advertising Network. If you're not already a member, join now and you can start receiving a portion of the SFI Affiliates being generated daily worldwide by EyeEarn. Learn more about EyeEarn HERE.

And for more sponsoring ideas, see the Affiliate Sponsoring Methods page.
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Thread Of The Day (10/23/09) 

Check out SFI Forum Moderator Ray Richardson's excellent post on how to acquire EA status each month, the benefits of EyeEarn, and more.

And don't forget...there are lots of other great tips from affiliates located in our Training area HERE.
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QUICK TIP: Promotional Aids 

Don't forget SFI has a variety of baseball caps, mugs, shirts, mousepads, and many other items you can use to promote EyeEarn. Find them and lots of other items at Additionally, you'll discover similar items with the SFI logo at

See this marketing methods page for lots of tips on using these items.
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Sponsoring Tip 

We recently unveiled a new login page for the SFI Affiliate Center.

With the expanded text and type of information now included, we'll be giving search engines good information to spider. Consequently, prospects will be discovering SFI through search engine searches. And when they do, and when they decide to join SFI through the provided registration link, YOU can receive a share of the sign-ups...provided you are participating in the EyeEarn Co-op. In other words, if you haven't already, join the EyeEarn Co-op so that you may share in these sign-ups.

Learn more about EyeEarn HERE.
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