Are you serious? 

Are you planning on earning a significant, ongoing income with SFI? Then you'll want to get your own Payoneer debit card as soon as you can.

Simply apply $10 of your SFI commissions ($20 for international affiliates) toward receiving your card by choosing "TripleClicks MasterCard" as your Commission Payment Option HERE. SFI will accumulate your commissions until it reaches $20 USD and then issue you your card.

In addition to picking up 500 VP for the month, you'll also then be able to receive your commissions every month quickly and securely on your card in your own currency. You'll also be able to use your card when making any purchase at (including products, services, marketing aids, S-Builder co-op units, TCredits, etc.). You can even use it as a payment option for your Standing Orders!

Your Payoneer debit card also makes a great recruiting tool; pull it out of your wallet and show people just how you get paid every month on this card for your SFI Internet business. They'll be able to see that this is a real business with real profits...and who wouldn't want to be part of that?
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TC Advanced Search option helps you find ECAs 

You can easily find your favorite ECAs or those referred to you by others at within the Advanced Search page. Simply type in the name of the ECA you're looking for in the appropriate field. Enter information in the other search fields (keyword, department, price ranges, etc.) to further narrow your results.

By the way, the TC Advanced Search is a great tool for you to find exactly what you're looking for. In addition to the fields we mentioned above, TC Advanced Search lets you find products with a specific or designated range of VP, CV, and/or MRP value attached. You can also find new or used items; products with free shipping; merchandise shipping from and/or to a specific country; products added to TC before, after, or on a specific date; standing order eligible items; and more.

Take a moment right now and check out this search tool at TripleClicks!
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Save on shipping with TripleClicks in your neighborhood! 

Eliminate shipping fees for you, your TC members, and your SFI affiliates by searching for and locating member listings and ECAs in the prospective buyer's immediate area.

Here's how:

1. Log in at

2. Click a department from the list of departments located on the left side of the homepage.

3. On the top of the right sidebar, you'll see a option to filter for locally available products. Click the box for local pickups and enter a radius of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 500 miles, then click the "Submit" button.

4. You'll see all member listings offering a local pickup option, as well as ECA listings offering "will-call" pickup.

IMPORTANT! Some affiliates and customers may not see a significant number of local pick-up search results. YOU CAN HELP expand these results! Spread the word among your team members and your favorite ECAs that they can select local pick ups or will calls for their listings at

Example A:
With just a single TCredit on account, you, TC members, and your affiliates can list a product for sale at the store. If you wish, you can choose local pickups ONLY and bypass setting up ANY shipping options. This works great for selling hard-to-ship items, such as bikes, farm equipment, motorcycles, cars, etc. Prospective buyers in your area will see your listings, and if interested, they'll contact you using a contact form located on the details page of your listing. When you receive the message (includes the person's name, email, phone number, best time to call, etc), you can respond to the person by e-mail or phone to answer questions and/or to set up a showing/meeting. Should the person choose to buy your item, they pay you directly. You keep 100% of the sale price.

To list an item for sale at, start HERE.

Special Note: Other than your city, no other contact or address information of yours is revealed to the prospective buyer. It is completely up to you to provide this information, if you choose to, when responding to the prospective buyer.

Example B: If you already have member listings, just edit them to include the local pickup option. To do so, simply go HERE and check the "Item is available for local pickup" box.

Example C: Let our ECAs know--especially those in your country--that you'd like them to offer will-call (i.e. local pickup service). They can easily and quickly adjust their listings at any time to include this option. You can contact an ECA using the contact information on their TConnect page or by posting a message on their TConnect page.

By working on examples A, B, and C, we can make the TripleClicks "LOCALife" searches teem with listings in no time!
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Picking up TripleClicks Member Rewards Points 

Member Rewards Points (MRP) are a great way to get your favorite products at redeem your MRP for any of the more than 56,000 items at the store.

And MRPs are super easy to earn:

* You earn 5 MRP for every Pricebenders bid you place. So even when you don't win an auction, you're still "winning" MRP!

* For every purchase you make at, you earn MRP (look for MRP value information on the right side of the product's details page, next to the Add to Cart button).

* WAVE3 Members also earn 50 MRP every month.

* Affiliates can earn hundreds of MRP in each SFI DAILY GRAND drawing.

For complete information on MRP and our special Member Rewards Store, click HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that your Member Rewards Points expire after one year of receipt and that MRP values on products are subject to change without notice.

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Do you know your TConnect Page? 

The single most important Web destination for your online business could very well be your TConnect page. EVERY TripleClicks Member and SFI Affiliate is assigned one of these personalized, free Web pages; and getting the most out of it could help grow your business, increase your profits, and strengthen your customer base and affiliate team.

That's why you'll want to check out this training article for SFI Affiliates serious about success:

"Your TConnect Page"

In this article, you'll learn all about the various sections on your TConnect page, what they mean, and how you can put these elements to work for you.

Also, be sure to let your team members know about this article and their TConnect page. By helping your personally sponsored affiliates take advantage of and learn to use SFI's resources effectively, you'll be strengthening your whole team and helping to increase your own commissions!
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Take your Standing Orders global 

With the AlertPay option for Standing Order (SO) payments, it's easy for you and your TC customers around the world to quickly and securely set up Standing Orders for favorite TripleClicks products--without requiring a credit card or U.S. bank account.

Simply choose the AlertPay payment method when prompted during the check out process. (Affiliates with existing SOs cannot choose AlertPay as their payment method; AlertPay can only be selected during a new SO setup process.)

In addition to providing support for more than 6 million members in 190+ countries, AlertPay uses SSL-encryption to safeguard personal information and features built-in fraud protection designed for quick, easy, and secure online payments in any of 22 currencies.

Be sure to spread the word about AlertPay to your international SFI Affiliates and TC Members!

Don't have an account set up with AlertPay? Sign up HERE. It's quick and easy!
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Your best Standing Order option... 

SFI Affiliates know that Standing Orders are great, convenient ways to get their favorite products automatically delivered each month; maintain their VersaPoints; enjoy exclusive product discounts at TripleClicks; and continue to receive bonuses, commissions, and other perks every month.

But did you know that SFI offers a 100 TCredit pak, specially priced at $29 a month and exclusively available ONLY for Affiliates? This is the VERY BEST DEAL we offer on TCredits. Use them for member listings at, for bidding on Pricebenders Penny Auctions, for team rewards/incentives, as sample give-aways to attract member referrals, to redeem on TC products, and more!

Even if you already have a product on Standing Order, take a moment and check out our best Standing Order deal on TCredits. Also, keep in mind that TCredits are delivered digitally and, therefore, make a hassle-free and option with NO SHIPPING FEES for Affiliates living outside the U.S. Be sure to spread the word about this SO opportunity to all international affiliates on your team!
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Pricebenders Schedule & Alerts 

Don't ever miss out on a Pricebenders Auction item you want to bid on. Select an auction alert and get an e-mail or cell phone text letting you know your auction has begun.

Just log in to and view the Pricebenders Schedule, which lists upcoming auctions. Next to the item(s) you're interested in, just click the e-mail or text link. You'll then receive your alert as soon as the auction starts.

NOTE: The first time you select the text link, you'll need to enter your phone number and carrier in the registration form...then enter a special activation code number you receive on your phone. After that, just one click will get you text alerts for your chosen auctions.

Extra Tip: Don't forget to log in to see the SFI Exclusive auctions at the Pricebenders Schedule!
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Earn more commissions: become an ECA referrer 

Are there few products you like at or no ECAs in your country at the store?

Well, you could simply be patient--we're bringing in dozens of new ECAs every month.

But a much BETTER option would be to start referring your own ECAs! There may be thousands of other SFI affiliates just like YOU who want to start buying and selling products from local ECAs and/or who want products currently unavailable at TC. By making simple ECA referrals, YOU can begin earning lifetime royalties every time any one of the more than 1.3 million affiliates and TC members buy or sell the products of ECAs you've referred.

To learn more about this exciting supplemental SFI income program, see:][/url]
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Don't let your free TCredits go to waste! 

Did you know that as an EA or above, you get FREE TCredits every month you maintain 1,500 VP or above?

Beginning in their second consecutive month with 1,500 VP or more, EAs receive 10 TCredits, BTLs get 12, STLs get 14, GTLs receive 16, and PTLs are awarded 20 TCredits each month. Your free TCredits accumulate in your TC account until they expire (1 year after being issued) or you use them.

These FREE TCredits give you--not to mention your qualified team members--a wonderful opportunity to explore TripleClicks and post items for sale, bid on Pricebenders™ Auctions, and more...and all at absolutely no risk!

It just doesn't get easier than this. Take a moment now, and log in to to view the number of TCredits on your account. And be SURE to trumpet these free TCredits to your team members with 1,500 VP, as well as your up-and-coming affiliates!
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Your ECA Referral Report  

You can view your ECA Referrals in a single report via your My Reports index. The ECA Referral report lists your ECAs from newest to oldest and features each ECA's company name, contact information, and customer referral link. You'll also see columns listing the date the ECA applied for participation in the program, the approval date (if applicable), and the number of products listed at

This handy report makes it easy for you to view at a glance all your ECAs' information and their product counts at the store. Use this data to offer product placement help for new ECAs with no product counts, encourage individual ECAs with growing product counts, and more.


Your success as an SFI affiliate (and your team's success), is tied directly to the success of TripleClicks--and our ECAs are a big part of TripleClicks. The more successful your ECAs are, the more successful YOU will be. A robust ECA program means more products and services, better prices, lower shipping costs, and MORE sales...which all adds up to bigger commissions for you!

And by referring ECAs, you can also benefit directly with royalties on ALL your ECAs' sales at TripleClicks for life! Learn more HERE.

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Global options: AlertPay at TripleClicks 

The AlertPay option in the TC shopping cart helps make it easier for you, your team members, and your customers around the world to make quick, secure purchases.

AlertPay supports more than 6 million members in 190+ countries and features SSL-encryption to safeguard personal information and built-in fraud protection designed for quick, easy, and secure online payments in any of 22 currencies.

If you haven't done so, set up an account with AlertPay, and encourage your team members to do the same. It's quick and easy. Just click HERE to sign up.
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Customize your TC banners for better results 

Increase your marketing focus and efficiency with a custom TC banner posted on your Website or blog (or use it for advertising on other Websites).

Just access the Custom Banner Manager, and follow the simple directions. You can create banners featuring up to 15 TC products you choose. Each banner will automatically include the names, prices, and images of your selected products; or if you prefer, you can leave off prices and/or images.

PLUS...You can choose to display the prices in any of these 17 different currencies: United States Dollar, Euro, United Kingdom Pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Russian Rubles, Mexican Pesos, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Malaysian Ringgit, South African Rand, Swiss Franc, and the Indian Rupee.

Of course, all banners you create will have your unique SFI ID number embedded in the links to ensure you're automatically credited with all sales your banners generate.

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Drill down at TC and find products quickly 

Easily drill down to TC sub-departments and quickly find the products you're looking for right from the homepage. At the TC homepage, just move your mouse pointer over a main department link in the left navigation menu (arrows next to the department names indicate they contain sub-departments). You'll see a popup menu listing that main department's sub-departments. Simply click a sub-department to view the products/services listed there...Easy!

Note: If you do not see what you're looking for, try the main department, as many ECAs do not yet have their products sub-departmentalized.
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SFI Global Payment Options 

SFI's payment partner, PayByCash, offers numerous payment options for your team members in countries around the world. Click HERE and choose a country from the selection menu to view all the PayByCash options available for that country. Use this link and the country-specific information to assist your affiliates around the world asking for details on how to pay for product purchases.

AND REMEMBER...All affiliates can opt for SFI's Payoneer debit card to use for making purchases, as well as Standing Orders, at TripleClicks (and anywhere else online or offline that accepts MASTERCARD). PLUS, you can have your SFI commissions paid directly to your card, which you can then use to receive cash in your country's currency at almost any ATM machine world-wide! Learn more.
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