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Dispelling An SFI Myth
A special message from SFI President & Founder, Gery Carson

One of the biggest misconceptions about SFI is that there is a monthly fee or purchase requirement.

This is, of course, completely FALSE.

There is NEVER any cost to be an affiliate. And you can become an EA (Executive Affiliate) at no cost by simply generating 10 SVP (Sales Volume Points).

Yes, thousands of SFI affiliates DO purchase SFI products for themselves. It only makes sense, after all, to buy from TripleClicks.com, "your own store"—especially those items that you are already purchasing from someone else (more on this in a moment). However, this is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.

The best way to become an EA is to generate 10 SVP instantly via Transfer Buying...OR...without any personal purchases by generating Customer Sales as described HERE.

In fact, SFI has several, great 10 SVP products available for you to offer your customers and prospective affiliates. As few as one customer sale of one of these products can get you to EA status each month!

How do you make these sales? The easiest way is to check out the numerous strategies outlined at the Customer Referral Methods page.

By the way, as an EA, for every retail sale you make, you'll earn 60% of the total commission payout. In other words, there are great profits to be made. Of course, that's just the start of the many benefits of being an EA.

You'll also become eligible for the Executive Bonus and can earn commissions on the activities of other affiliates in your network! For a list of ALL benefits you'll get as an EA and or to become an EA now, click here.

Then, start having some fun with what I consider to be one of the most exciting aspects of the Internet: E-COMMERCE!...

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