Duplication Tip 

Create a contest for your affiliates based on Power Rank points. It could be a prize for the most points accumulated in an upcoming month (so everyone has the entire month). Or, you could award a prize to every affiliate who achieves a top five ranking in their class or any other criteria of your choosing.

Prizes could be SFI gift certificates, a free spot in your co-op, X number of reassigned affiliates, or any number of other things. Be creative.

Many people love to compete for prizes like this, but be sure to recognize your winners in your newsletter and/or on your team website or blog, too, as many people like being recognized as much or even more than receiving prizes!

SFI Executive Affiliate Lyle Kannenberg had this to say about this topic:

"Since the launch of the Power Rank system, I've seen huge participation from new personally sponsored affiliates (and I'm running an extra incentive contest as well). So far this month, two of my new signups are breaking records on my team!"
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