A new insight on the ECA opportunity 

The following was posted on the SFI Forum today by JD:


"I own a 1965 Ford Thunderbird and I am constantly ordering restoration parts as it is an ongoing project. If you go on one of TC's biggest competitor's site and search for 1965 Tbird you find at least 500 different items every week. Folks you are missing out on a HUGE category of items to be sold on TC. There are literally 100's of car parts dealers out there.

So here's another tip for you. Do all of us car lovers a huge favor and PLEASE print off the free flyers that SFI gives you to promote the ECA program, and send them to classic car parts dealers around the world.

I'd LOVE to be able to buy my parts from an ECA that you signed up! I would be placing multiple orders every week.

One of the dealers I had contacted was concerned about the minimum 15% received by TC upon every sale. I just informed that I'd be happy to pay 15% ABOVE their regular retail (catalog) price to be able to order from them on TC. All they need to do is add 15% to their regular price.

One more thing on this....the more members who send out flyers and brochures to these dealers, the more chance there is that they will become an ECA (once they see how popular TC is becoming). Don't worry about "saturation" or sending a flyer to a business that someone else has already sent to...the more the better. Let's saturate!!

Again, it's win-win-win: They make money selling on TC, you make overrides, and I get to earn VP's while restoring my Bird!"


Are lightbulbs going on in your head? They should be. The opportunity to sign up ECAs right now is quite possibly the biggest opportunity SFI has ever offered its affiliates, not just for auto parts of course, but for MILLIONS of products and services worldwide. Make sure YOU are not missing out. To get up to speed on the ECA program, start here:

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