Check your Country Leaderboard 

The Country Leaderboard at the SFI Affiliate Center features two parts to help you and your team members get more information about SFI Affiliate leaders in your country and around the world.

First, you'll find a listing of the #1 SFI affiliate for every country in the world (based on total VersaPoints to date). Note you can click on the affiliate names to pick up tips from these leaders. Also, you can click on the country names to see a listing of other top-producing affiliates for each country. Where do YOU rank on this list? If you're not near the top, make a personal challenge to yourself to get into the top 50 or top 20 or top 10...or set the ultimate goal--to become the #1 affiliate in your country. You can do it! And with this new leaderboard, you can now easily follow your progress and know exactly how many points you need to make your climb to the top!

Second is a listing of the top 100 countries (based on the number of most active SFI affiliates). Where does YOUR country rank? If it's not as high as you think it should be, you know what to do!

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