QR codes for easy TC sales 

Have you noticed the little QR Codes appearing online, in stores, on television, on products, in magazine ads, etc? You can also find these small codes at TripleClicks, and we've made it super easy to use them in your own marketing efforts and boost your sales! Learn more about QR Codes here.

Just browse around and find products at TripleClicks that you think your friends, family members, and co-workers will like. Everyone has interests, hobbies, favorite teams, favorite actors, etc., and TripleClicks probably has one or more related items. When you find a product, generate a QR flyer as outlined below and hand it out.


1. Log in at: TripleClicks.com.

2. Browse or search for a product, and click the "SFI Affiliates" tab on that product's details page.

3. Click the link for the QR Code flyer.

4. A flyer for this product will appear...ready for you to print out. The QR codes contained in the flyer are embedded with your SFI ID number. In other words, when you give the flyer to someone and they scan the codes, they'll be taken to TripleClicks.com and your SFI ID will be in the URL so you'll be credited with any sales generated. QR flyers also include your name and e-mail address.

Note that the flyer, in addition to the specific product chosen, also promotes:

* Deal of the Day
* Hot Deals
* Closeouts
* Selling your stuff (member listings)

In total, the QR code flyer actually lets you promote up to SIX different sales with a single flyer!
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