Connect with your CSAs and pick up some VP 

The CSA MAILER makes it easy for you and your team members to communicate regularly with your Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Just go to the new CSA Mailer webpage, enter your message and hit submit. You're done! You've just sent a message, automatically, to all of your CSAs (co-sponsored affiliates). And provided you haven't already earned points for group mailings for the week, you've also just earned yourself 30 VersaPoints!

On the message page, you can also read and borrow excerpts from messages being sent by fellow SFI affiliates and Team Leaders. Just click the "Need Some Ideas?" icon on the right side of the page to view a pop-up page listing newsletter templates on a variety of topics. Select a topic, then just cut and paste your text into your computer's word processor and customize and personalize the message to suite your needs. When you're finished, copy your e-mail into the message field back at the CSA Mailer page.

With the CSA Mailer, there's no need to go to the Genealogy or select a segment of your group. And there's no need to worry about messages going to bad e-mail addresses or opted-out affiliates as these are automatically filtered out for you.

Messages are sent to both the CSA's registered e-mail address AND to the CSA's "TeamMail" inbox at the SFI Affiliate Center.

There's also no rank or points requirements to use the CSA Mailer.

Special Note: Weeks will be defined as running from Sunday to Saturday. You can use the CSA Mailer as many times as you like, but only a maximum of 30 VP can be earned each week.
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Build up your SFI team with TeamTalk  

Strengthen your business by keeping the lines of communication open with your SFI team members, right from their Affiliate Center Alerts page.

Similar to Twitter, SFI's TeamTalk--located in the right sidebar of the Alerts page--allows you to instantly send brief messages to your PSAs, CSAs, and/or your entire downline. Conversely, you can receive messages here from YOUR sponsor, upline Team Leaders, and SFI Corporate.

We recommend you post a TeamTalk message at least once a week. The possibilities for using this tool for your own team-building efforts are endless, but to help you get started, here are a few ideas:

* Words of encouragement
* Reminders of deadlines, contests, etc.
* Announcements of your team promotions
* Updates
* Weekly or daily recaps
* Tips and ideas
* Motivating quotes
* Weekly and/or monthly goals
* Recognition of firsts in your team
* Recognition of your team's top achievers

Tip: To reply to a TeamTalk message you've received, click on the sender's name, then use either the e-mail link or the TeamMail icon located in the sender's Affiliate Snapshot.

Note that TeamTalk is for your SFI business only! Using TeamTalk to spam will result in suspension of your account.

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QuickTip: Encourage ECAs, boost your bottom line 

Our ECAs (E-Commerce Affiliates) are an important aspect to the growing vitality and product variety of YOU and your team can help boost this growing momentum by encouraging ECAs at the store.

First, simply check out the ECA Report at the SFI Affiliate Resource Center and click a company name to view an ECA's offerings. Note that the URL embedded with your SFI ID number. If you like the company's offerings, just use this URL to promote the ECA's "store within a store." Not only will you help encourage the ECA to post more products, you'll also earn up to 72% CV Customer Commissions on any sales you generate!

Additionally, for those ECAs that really impress you, be sure to click the "Connect" button next to the company's name on the ECA Report or within an ECA's product description page at ECAs build their "power rankings" based on the number of "connections" they accumulate. The higher an ECA's power ranking, the more they'll be encouraged to turn their TC presence up a notch, with more listed products, featured Hot Deals, Closeouts, and more. Note that you may receive special offers, etc. from the ECAs you connect with!
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Make TripleClicks even better 

An e-commerce Website free from errors and professional in appearance can only help to increase sales and improve customer trust. Consequently, we've made it quick and easy for you and your team members to notify ECAs at of any errors and/or other issues within their listings.

On the products details page of all ECA listings at TripleClicks, you'll see a "Report Errors/Abuse" link located on the right side of the page underneath the ECA information. When you see something in a listing that isn't right or needs to be addressed or fixed, just click the link and then select the applicable items:

* Product in wrong department
* Title/description is innaccurate and/or missing information
* Title/description contains inappropriate text
* Image is of poor quality, skewed, and/or distorted
* Image is inappropriate and/or offensive
* Image is not correct for this product/service
* Image is too small
* Purchase price is too high
* Shipping and handling fee is too high
* Seller does not respond to my messages/questions
* Title/description contains spelling, grammar, formatting errors

If none of these options fit, you can also type in your own comment in the appropriate field.

Once submitted, your report is instantly forwarded to the ECA for action. Note that only your first name and last initial will be divulged, and none of your contact information will be included. All reports will, of course, be recorded and tracked and ECAs who are found to not act on valid reports submitted to them will be removed from the site.

Help us help you make YOUR great as it can be by helping our ECAs create professional, error-free product listings!
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Put your best tip forward... 

Submit your best tip for SFI business success--and help your team and the entire SFI community!

Your tip will appear on your Affiliate Snapshot (available to your downline through upline reports, and to all SFI affiliates via leadership boards, etc., by clicking your name). All Affiliates who have submitted tips will have checkmarks next to their names. Just click their names to read the tips.

We'll continue to collect all tips into a database to provide every SFI affiliate with thousands of valuable, business-boosting tips and ideas. And soon, affiliates will be able to rate these tips from the Affiliate Center to create a "best of the best" listing you and your team members can access.

The more successful SFI is, the bigger your SFI opportunity becomes. Do your part by submitting your best tip now (you can edit your tip at any time):

PLUS...If you open a snapshot for an affiliate who hasn't submitted a tip, you'll see a note encouraging you to register a request for them to submit their best tip. The more tips our affiliates submit, the stronger our SFI teams will become!
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Pricebenders winning tips 

Pricebenders penny auctions at TripleClicks are a huge hit. But a lot of bidders engage in counter-productive actions that actually cost auction wins! Fortunately, many of these actions boil down to common--and avoidable--mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people waiting too long to bid. Connectivity issues, computer crashes, latency (network delays), and other factors may interfere with your bid. If you wait till the last few seconds to bid, you're running the risk that your bid won't go through in time. And make sure you understand that when you bid, it just resets the auction clock, so being the last one to bid before the clock hits zero may just keep you from winning if your bid is delayed by one of the afore-mentioned technical issues. If your strategy is to wait until the "last possible moment," we recommend bidding with NO LESS THAN 5 seconds remaining.

Of course, as mentioned, this is just ONE of the mistakes to watch out for. To help you out, we've gathered a list of 15 common sense do's and don'ts to help you win Pricebenders auctions. It's a quick but essential read for anyone wanting to participate successfully in our penny auctions. Access the article at:
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Get your TripleClicks rewards 

With the Member Rewards Points (MRP) program, every Pricebenders auction bid at now earns you 5 MRP! So, while you're bidding on great products, you're also earning MRP, which you can redeem on ANY product at TripleClicks!

Every product at TripleClicks--over 28,000 products and growing--lists an MRP value next to the price. Once you've accumulated the needed MRP, all you have to do is put the item you want in your shopping cart, choose MRP as your payment option, and check out! It's that simple, and you pay only for shipping (if any)!

Also, check out the Member Rewards Store which features hot products, great gift ideas, popular magazine subscriptions--all with special MRP pricing. How special? With Member Rewards Store purchases, each bid can give you up to $.29 in buying power. This means that if your TCredits were purchased at the $.29 price, either your bids...or your Member Rewards purchase is FREE!

Plus, you also earn VersaPoints on every Member Rewards Store purchase.

Note: The Member Rewards Store offerings will grow to include additional items over time, so if you don't see something you like today, keep checking back for new additions.

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LOTS of training--and VP--at TripleClicks! 

Find all the training and information you need for nearly every facet of your small or home business--and pick up some inexpensive VP--at the TripleClicks store! Peruse the thousands of e-books available in the TC Digital Downloads department and learn all about marketing, advertising, networking, wealth building, writing effective copy, and much, much more. And with no shipping fees, e-books make a great money-saving option for you and your team members!

Here are a few e-books to get you started:

"Blog In A Box - Create Your Own Blog Quickly AND Successfully & Make A Profit"--$37 (1,533 VP)

"Affiliate Marketing A To Z"--$19.95 (788 VP)

"Build your Own Article Directory"--$9.99 (438 VP)

To peruse ALL the e-books in TripleClicks, check out the E-Books category HERE.
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Pricebenders money-making tips 

In its first 43 days, Pricebenders recorded more than 120,000 bids. That's a lot of activity! And as an SFI affiliate, you and your team can tap into this potential.

Each of those 120,000+ bids represent a TCredit spent at TripleClicks (with as much as $1.99 paid for each TCredit). Who gets the lion's share of each dollar spent on TCredits? SFI Affiliates of course!

Indeed, since the launch of Pricebenders, tens of thousands of dollars in commissions have been earned by SFI affiliates on the sale of TCredits purchased for bidding on Pricebenders auctions!

If you haven't gotten involved in this exciting new income stream, here's some tips on how:



Tell people about Pricebenders and the jaw-dropping deals that are taking place daily. One way to do this is to simply refer people to our "Winners List" Gateway:
(replace XXXXX with your SFI ID number)

Another method is to post on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, and any other social networking sites you use. For this, we've just created a new Pricebenders Promotion page:

On this page we will be regularly adding fresh, new promotional posts that you can use. Each one will be 100% "post-ready." Just copy and paste the text provided.

NOTE! SFI has a zero tolerance policy on spamming. Under no circumstances should the posts we will be providing be used for spamming.



Once you've directed someone to TripleClicks where our feature auctions take place, you're all set. Here they will be able to register as a member so they can start participating in the auction. If an auction is going on currently and they click on the "Bid!" button, we even register them and provide an easy, no-hassle method to immediately purchase the TCredits they'll need to bid with.

Earnings examples:

1. You're an EA (Executive Affiliate). Your new member buys a 200-pak of TCredits. You earn $14.72 and 1963 VersaPoints (just one sale makes you an Executive Affiliate for the month)!

2. You're an STL (Silver Team Leader). Your new member buys a 50-pak of TCredits. You earn $6.67 and 784 VersaPoints!

Multiply these examples by referring lots of new members to Pricebenders and you can see how your commissions and VersaPoints can really add up! Now add to that what you could also earn in overrides by teaching your downline to market Pricebenders and your commission check could really start jumping!

Learn more about SFI's compensation plan at:



Every Pricebenders auction also has a cool little contest attached to it called "Pick-the-Price." Simply log in, click the PTP button, and enter the amount you think will be the final, winning price of the item. If you pick the exact, final price, you immediately win 200 free TCredits, a $58 value (or 50 TCredits if you're the closest without going over).

You'll want to let your prospective customers know about PTP too. Why? Here are FIVE great reasons:

A. It's 100% free for them to enter.

B. There's a PTP contest for every multiple times every day they have another chance to win.

C. We regularly add a PTP bonus which allows them to win the product being auctioned IN ADDITION TO the standard TCredits prize.

D. It's a great way to get your members engaged with TripleClicks and Pricebenders.

E. If your members have a PTP entry, they'll often hang around and watch the auctions to see if they predicted the final price. While they're doing that, there's a good chance they'll check out other parts of TripleClicks such as the Deal of the Day, Hot Deals, and TC Closeouts. They may also decide to start bidding on the auction they are watching.
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SFI Exclusive Training: Internet Income Lesson #64 

Lesson #64: PPC Search Marketing, Part XIII - Effective Landing Pages

Course author, George Little, continues his step-by-step instruction and help in plain English on how to start and run a profitable online business. In Lesson 64, George concludes his series of lessons on PPC Search Marketing with a discussion on building effective Landing Pages.

Check it out at:


Speaking of George Little, don't forget to check out "Internet Income" Volume 1 at TripleClicks. George shares his vast knowledge of Internet Marketing to empower hard-working men and women who strive to achieve success and independence. Take this book with you wherever you go for easy reference to well-researched information and proven strategies designed to get your business off and running.

Some of the strategies included in Internet Income Volume 1 are:

* How to analyze Internet traffic at your own site(s),

* The 10 most common Internet marketing methods used by successful SFI Affiliates,

* How to submit your Website(s) to the Yahoo Search Engine,

* Paying for search engine attention and ranking,

* Free advertising strategies and much much more.

Order your hard copy of "Internet Income" and begin your climb to your SFI business success at:
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Attract new customers with Pricebenders text ads 

TripleClicks Pricebenders penny auctions continue to grow in popularity. And now is a great time for you and your team to be spreading the word to customers about the great deals on the name-brand, in-demand items available at the store!

And to help you and your team in your marketing efforts, several new Pricebenders text ads are now available. Post them under your e-mail signature line, in classified ads, on bulletin boards and elsewhere to help generate excitement and attract new TripleClicks members.

Check them out here:
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Effective e-mail writing tips 

Are you getting the e-mail response you want from your communication efforts with your team?

If your answer is anything less than an enthusiastic "YES!", check out the following article written by SFI President Gery Carson:

"How to write e-mails to build your business"

In this informative tutorial, Gery discusses the best practices for writing effective e-mails that garner results. Take a moment right now, and give it a read.
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Pricebender strategies for you and your team 

Pricebenders Auctions are a new and exciting feature of the TripleClicks store. These popular penny auctions are sure to attract even more TC members and, therefore, more overall store sales (and profits for you)!

Encourage your team members to check out Pricebenders and increase their and your chances of winning with these strategies, which you can include in your newsletter or other team communication:

* Read all the Pricebenders™ FAQs and familiarize how our auctions work before bidding.

* Go to and simply observe auction activity for a while before jumping in. This will give TC Members an idea of how Pricebenders work.

* It's vital to determine how much you're willing to bid on a particular auction BEFORE you begin...and then stick to that limit.

* Make sure you have enough TCredits as you'll need for bidding. You don't want to run out of credits at the last moment of the auction! TCredits can be purchased HERE.

* Pay close attention to the auction timer. If the counter almost reaches zero again and again before starting over, it means that there are probably not many users bidding on that item...and you have a better chance of winning.

* Less expensive items usually generate fewer bidders and are therefore the best opportunities for you to win.

* Use the Auto-Bidder with care. It can be an effective and powerful tool for winning auctions but could backfire on you, so be sure you employ a sound plan when using it.

* Timing is the key to winning Pricebenders Auctions!
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Make Your TConnect = More Sign-ups 

As you may have already heard, SFI recently launched its Member TConnect Websites. All SFI affiliates are also TC members, so every affiliate has a TConnect page. You can check out yours at:
(XXXXX = your SFI ID number)

Note: Once you have the page up, log in to get administrative access.

Your next step, then, should be to put your TConnect page to work building your SFI business. One way to do this would be to use your member profile text to talk about SFI. Here's a sample of some profile text you can use (just make sure you put in your actual SFI rank and replace the "XXXXX" with your SFI ID number):

I'm an Executive Affiliate with SFI. Since SFI launched in 1998, it has been showing people all over the world how to build profitable Internet businesses from the comfort of their homes. In fact, the system is so successful that thousands now join SFI every week! If you've ever wanted to be your own boss or even just earn a little extra spending cash...I'd love to work with you. Note that SFI provides everything you need to get started FREE! Join my SFI team at:

Also, be sure to have your photo in place to personalize your page!

Here are some ways your "about SFI" profile can generate extra sign-ups for you:

* When you refer people (e.g. via Facebook) to the stuff you're selling

* When you bid on and/or win Pricebenders auctions and the thousands of people who watch the auctions and/or view the winners page click on your name.

* When someone uses a search engine and searches on words in your page (example: someone looking for a home business in your city--both of these appear on your TConnect page)

* When shoppers at TC click on the link to learn more about the member who is selling products they are browsing (link to be added to all product detail pages soon).

* When people click on the member names in the "Members I connect with" and/or the "Members who connect with me" sections on any Member TConnect Website. Hint: This is one of the reasons for connecting with other members--so that the link to your TConnect Website is on lots of other people's TConnect pages.

In the near future we'll also be coming out with a method that will allow you to display cool, new SFI, EyeEarn, and/or TripleClicks banners (and perhaps a "Join My SFI Team" button, too) on your TConnect page. Stay tuned for these coming announcements.
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Boost sales with your TConnect Website 

An easy tip for spreading the word about items you're selling at Tripleclicks: Use your TConnect Website as a quick, simple, easy reference to your “online garage sale” items. Just post your TConnect URL to your Facebook friends, in e-mails, on flyers, etc.

Haven't checked out your TConnect Website yet? Spend a few moments right now and take a look:
(XXXXX = your SFI ID number)


1. Personalize your TConnect Web page by adding your profile (log in, then click the "Edit" link in top left corner of your TConnect page).

2. Add your photo (if you haven't already done it for SFI) HERE. NOTE: A new spot to allow adding and changing photos will be added to the TC My Account section shortly, allowing for different images on the SFI Affiliate Center and your TConnect page.

3. Fill your page with products you'd like to sell. Just follow the easy directions provided HERE.

4. Start spreading the word about your TConnect page!
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