How to reduce the cost of your S-Builder Co-op 

If you're willing to do a little extra work, consider "co-oping the co-op"!

Simply send out a message to your PSA's (personally sponsored affiliates) and/or CSA's (co-sponsored affiliates) using the PSA Mailer and CSA Mailer. Let them know that you are willing to split the cost of S-Builder units with any of your PSA's or CSAs who buy a unit (or units). Instruct them to make their purchase and then e-mail you a copy of the receipt and their PayPal address. Then, reimburse them for half of what they paid via PayPal.

This is a perfect win/win for both parties. You get PSA's and CSA's actively involved in SFI, they get S-Builder at half-price, and you, of course, essentially get S-Builder at half-price, too! Although the sign-ups won't be personally sponsored/referred by you, you'll be driving DUPLICATION within your team. And duplication is what creates wealth in your business.

PLUS...if any of your PSAs become inactive, all the affiliates and members they received will roll up to you, so you really have little to lose!

Take a few moments right now and find out more about S-Builder and "co-oping the co-op" here. You'll want to also check out SFI President Gery Carson's article "SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping."
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Picking up TripleClicks Member Rewards Points 

Member Rewards Points (MRP) are a great way to get your favorite products at redeem your MRP for any of the more than 56,000 items at the store.

And MRPs are super easy to earn:

* You earn 5 MRP for every Pricebenders bid you place. So even when you don't win an auction, you're still "winning" MRP!

* For every purchase you make at, you earn MRP (look for MRP value information on the right side of the product's details page, next to the Add to Cart button).

* WAVE3 Members also earn 50 MRP every month.

* Affiliates can earn hundreds of MRP in each SFI DAILY GRAND drawing.

For complete information on MRP and our special Member Rewards Store, click HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that your Member Rewards Points expire after one year of receipt and that MRP values on products are subject to change without notice.

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SFI Exclusive Training: Building your business with social media 

How can you translate the current online social media boom into profits for your business? Find out in SFI's ongoing, exclusive Internet Income course on how to start and run a profitable online business. In Lesson #70, course author, George Little, builds on previous lessons (explaining the rewiring of network connections) to help you embark into the world of Social Media to build connections and forge ahead toward your business success.


And don't forget to check out Internet Income, Volume 1 at TripleClicks. George shares his vast knowledge of Internet Marketing to empower hard-working men and women who strive to achieve success and independence. Take this book with you wherever you go for easy reference to well-researched information and proven strategies designed to get your business off and running. Order your hard copy of Internet Income, Volume I and begin your climb to your SFI business success HERE.
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QR codes for easy TC sales 

Have you noticed the little QR Codes appearing online, in stores, on television, on products, in magazine ads, etc? You can also find these small codes at TripleClicks, and we've made it super easy to use them in your own marketing efforts and boost your sales! Learn more about QR Codes here.

Just browse around and find products at TripleClicks that you think your friends, family members, and co-workers will like. Everyone has interests, hobbies, favorite teams, favorite actors, etc., and TripleClicks probably has one or more related items. When you find a product, generate a QR flyer as outlined below and hand it out.


1. Log in at:

2. Browse or search for a product, and click the "SFI Affiliates" tab on that product's details page.

3. Click the link for the QR Code flyer.

4. A flyer for this product will appear...ready for you to print out. The QR codes contained in the flyer are embedded with your SFI ID number. In other words, when you give the flyer to someone and they scan the codes, they'll be taken to and your SFI ID will be in the URL so you'll be credited with any sales generated. QR flyers also include your name and e-mail address.

Note that the flyer, in addition to the specific product chosen, also promotes:

* Deal of the Day
* Hot Deals
* Closeouts
* Selling your stuff (member listings)

In total, the QR code flyer actually lets you promote up to SIX different sales with a single flyer!
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a2a 2.0 

As an a2a member, you already know that a2a allows you to search, browse, and exchange messages with any SFI affiliate. You're also aware that a2a allows you to identify and befriend SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; or search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more...or any combination, as well as create "best buddy" lists, brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news, and more.

With a2a 2.0, we've integrated this resource even more into SFI--with an a2a tab on your SFI homepage and 1 VP a day awarded to affiliates for visiting it. It also uses a2a members' real names and SFI account photos, so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

You can also access a2a via Affiliate Snapshots (the "mini-profile pages" you see when you click on an affiliate's name at the SFI Affiliate Center--such as the names on the various leaderboards). This makes it super easy to connect with fellow affiliates. When you open an Affiliate Snapshot, for example, you'll see an a2a "Friend Request" button. Just click this button and follow the simple directions to become friends with the affiliate. Note: The a2a button will not appear if the affiliate isn't an a2a member.

For more information on a2a 2.0 and answers to frequently asked questions, see this page.

Not yet an a2a 2.0 member? It only take a few seconds to get started:

To get started with a2a 2.0, everyone must register (even those who were previously members of a2a, version 1) from the new a2a tab on the Affiliate Center homepage.

Upon submitting your registration, you'll get 60 VersaPoints instantly. Plus, you'll also get a cool, a2a 2.0 badge for your homepage. NOTE: Due to privacy issues, the SFI system cannot maintain past relationships established in a2a version 1.0. However, you can get started fresh right now and begin befriending affiliates immediately.

Have suggestions for how we can make a2a even better? Use our Suggestion Box HERE.
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Do you know your TConnect Page? 

The single most important Web destination for your online business could very well be your TConnect page. EVERY TripleClicks Member and SFI Affiliate is assigned one of these personalized, free Web pages; and getting the most out of it could help grow your business, increase your profits, and strengthen your customer base and affiliate team.

That's why you'll want to check out this training article for SFI Affiliates serious about success:

"Your TConnect Page"

In this article, you'll learn all about the various sections on your TConnect page, what they mean, and how you can put these elements to work for you.

Also, be sure to let your team members know about this article and their TConnect page. By helping your personally sponsored affiliates take advantage of and learn to use SFI's resources effectively, you'll be strengthening your whole team and helping to increase your own commissions!
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SFI Exclusive Training: The "80/20" Rule 

What's the "80/20" rule for online businesses? Find out in SFI's ongoing, exclusive Internet Income course on how to start and run a profitable online business. In Lesson #67, course author, George Little, explains this online "rule" and how you can apply it to your Web presence for a more profitable business.


And don't forget to check out Internet Income, Volume 1 at TripleClicks. George shares his vast knowledge of Internet Marketing to empower hard-working men and women who strive to achieve success and independence. Take this book with you wherever you go for easy reference to well-researched information and proven strategies designed to get your business off and running. Order your hard copy of Internet Income, Volume I and begin your climb to your SFI business success HERE.

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Leadership Tool: Profile Scores 

Identify potential future stars in your affiliate team with Profile Scores!

Here's how it works: Our system reviews the responses your affiliates have given to questions on their Affiliate Profiles. We assign a point value to each response to help identify affiliates who have set high goals, committed to investing significant time or money into their new business, are experienced in network marketing or Internet marketing, and/or who have past leadership experience, and so on. These point values are all added altogether to create the affiliate's Profile Score.

These Profile Scores allow you to quickly get an idea of your affiliate's level of motivation and commitment, and maybe even an insight into the kind of affiliate this person is going to be.

That said, there are limitations to how much weight you should put on the Profile Score for any given affiliate. Keep in mind that the score is only a number based on Affiliate Profile responses. A high score does not guarantee a future Platinum Team Leader. Likewise, a low score doesn't necessarily indicate that an affiliate is going to go nowhere. High or low, ALL your affiliates should be greeted with enthusiasm and strong support!

You can find Profile Scores in the e-mail notifications you receive whenever one of your PSAs completes their Affiliate Profile. Also, you will soon be able to see Profile Scores on the Affiliate Manager and Genealogy.

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Take your Standing Orders global 

With the AlertPay option for Standing Order (SO) payments, it's easy for you and your TC customers around the world to quickly and securely set up Standing Orders for favorite TripleClicks products--without requiring a credit card or U.S. bank account.

Simply choose the AlertPay payment method when prompted during the check out process. (Affiliates with existing SOs cannot choose AlertPay as their payment method; AlertPay can only be selected during a new SO setup process.)

In addition to providing support for more than 6 million members in 190+ countries, AlertPay uses SSL-encryption to safeguard personal information and features built-in fraud protection designed for quick, easy, and secure online payments in any of 22 currencies.

Be sure to spread the word about AlertPay to your international SFI Affiliates and TC Members!

Don't have an account set up with AlertPay? Sign up HERE. It's quick and easy!
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Use the "ultra-simple" SFI Basics page 

SFI's "ultra-simple" SFI Basics page outlines everything you and your team members need to do to create a full-time income with SFI in just three simple steps. In just three SENTENCES in fact!

Be sure to point your incoming affiliates--as well as those team members having trouble understanding what they need to do--to this short, simple page. Of course, your affiliates can still access the standard SFI BASICS page, which includes more details, via a link at the bottom of the "ultra-simple" basics page.
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Your best Standing Order option... 

SFI Affiliates know that Standing Orders are great, convenient ways to get their favorite products automatically delivered each month; maintain their VersaPoints; enjoy exclusive product discounts at TripleClicks; and continue to receive bonuses, commissions, and other perks every month.

But did you know that SFI offers a 100 TCredit pak, specially priced at $29 a month and exclusively available ONLY for Affiliates? This is the VERY BEST DEAL we offer on TCredits. Use them for member listings at, for bidding on Pricebenders Penny Auctions, for team rewards/incentives, as sample give-aways to attract member referrals, to redeem on TC products, and more!

Even if you already have a product on Standing Order, take a moment and check out our best Standing Order deal on TCredits. Also, keep in mind that TCredits are delivered digitally and, therefore, make a hassle-free and option with NO SHIPPING FEES for Affiliates living outside the U.S. Be sure to spread the word about this SO opportunity to all international affiliates on your team!
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Check your Country Leaderboard 

The Country Leaderboard at the SFI Affiliate Center features two parts to help you and your team members get more information about SFI Affiliate leaders in your country and around the world.

First, you'll find a listing of the #1 SFI affiliate for every country in the world (based on total VersaPoints to date). Note you can click on the affiliate names to pick up tips from these leaders. Also, you can click on the country names to see a listing of other top-producing affiliates for each country. Where do YOU rank on this list? If you're not near the top, make a personal challenge to yourself to get into the top 50 or top 20 or top 10...or set the ultimate goal--to become the #1 affiliate in your country. You can do it! And with this new leaderboard, you can now easily follow your progress and know exactly how many points you need to make your climb to the top!

Second is a listing of the top 100 countries (based on the number of most active SFI affiliates). Where does YOUR country rank? If it's not as high as you think it should be, you know what to do!

Take a moment right now, and check out this report at:
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Seeing SFI through the eyes of your PSAs 

To provide effective support to your affiliates, you must be familiar with the experience of your incoming PSAs--the pages they're seeing and the information they're reading.

Therefore, we recommend you review these pages your new affiliates see when they join SFI:

1. New Affiliate Welcome at:
2. SFI Basics at:
3. Your SFI Gateway at:[YOUR SFIID]/Real2

Upon review, you'll notice the emphasis is on getting started by earning VersaPoints from performing actions on the SFI To-Do List. In other words, your PSAs learn from the get-go that earning VersaPoints equals earning income.

You can help your PSAs get started right by also focusing on the "score more, earn more" aspect of the SFI program in your own welcome e-mails, team communications, and leadership incentives.
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Tip: Getting your affiliates to your leadership page 

Your SFI Leadership Page (LP) is designed as a central page for you to support your downline members. But how do you get your affiliates to your LP?

Your affiliates will find a link to your LP on their "Upline Team" pages at the Affiliate Center. They'll also see your LP link on the "Contact your Sponsor/Team Leaders" line in the header of the Affiliate Center.

In addition to calling your affiliates' attention to these pages, you can also include a direct your e-mails to your team.

Haven't set up your LP yet? We strongly suggest you do this as soon as possible. Just click the small LP tag in the top right corner of the Affiliate Center to go right to your page at You can also access your Leadership Page via the Hot Spots menu.
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Is your Leadership Page in order? 

Leadership Pages (LPs)--available to every SFI Sponsor and/or Team Leader--is your CENTRAL PAGE you can use to provide support to your downline members.

Your LP includes:

1. A brief greeting in which you can provide a bio of yourself and let your downline members know how you can assist them.

2. A complete, at-a-glance contact information section which includes links for easy TeamMail messages and live chat, too.

3. A section displaying all of your SFI badges.

4. TeamTalk

5. Blog

6. Recommendations where you can list SFI services and resources you recommend. You can also list up to five of your favorite products from TripleClicks. The TripleClicks ECAs you connect with are also automatically listed.

7. Recognition. In this section, you can recognize and honor affiliates on your team.

8. "My Best Tip." Your best tip for everyone in your downline.

9. A "Rewards/Incentives" section where you can set up contests for your team to motivate them and provide specific, actionable goals. You set the specifications for each of your contests (who is eligible to enter, what the qualifications to win are, the starting and ending dates, restrictions, and of course the prize--which can be TCredits, PSA reassignments, or gift certificates). With just a few clicks, and literally in just a minute or two, you can set up a contest any time you want. And when your downline members go to your LP, all contests they are eligible for will be be automatically presented to them to enter!

NOTE: Click HERE for a sample completed LP for fictitious SFI affiliate "Joe Sponsor."

Have you checked out your LP yet? If not, take a moment NOW and set it up. It takes about 20 minutes. Once finished, your LP is ready to help you provide support, strengthen your team, and build a stronger business!

For more FAQs and tips on using your Leadership page, see this post at our news blog.
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