A powerful resource: Tap into your upline! 

Have you introduced yourself to your upline Team Leaders? If not, you could be missing out of one of the most powerful business-building resources at your disposal.

Go now to your SFI Upline page at the Affiliate Center and contact your upline team. Contact each upline member and start a conversation, present your goals, etc. Your upline may be able to assist you in achieving your goals, have co-ops in which you can participate, and more.
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Sponsoring Tip: Framing your communications 

Sending out consistent, weekly messages to your PSAs and those you co-sponsor is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and encourage your team to take action.

One quick, time-saving method for finding content for these messages is to simply frame SFI news and tips--as well as ideas, book reviews, blog posts, and other content from the Web--within your own comments. In this way, you have a ready supply of fresh information to include in your newsletters and e-mails to your team each week.

Here's an example e-mail:


As your sponsor in SFI, I wanted to make sure you heard about this new feature SFI just announced:

[insert news, tips, or idea blurb here]

I'm really excited about this because [insert your explanation here].

As always, if I can assist you with anything, don't hesitate to contact me.



NOTE: This tip would work great in conjunction with the PSA Mailer, which enables you to quickly and easily send newsletters, training, tips, and other messages to your PSAs.

For more tips on effective SFI Affiliate Sponsoring, see this Marketing Methods page.
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QUICKTIP: Easy method for earning daily VersaPoints! 

You and your team members can earn two points a day for checking out the latest additions at TripleClicks. Here's how:

Just go to your SFI Affiliate Center (www.sfimg.com) homepage. On your SFI To-Do List, under Daily Actions, you'll see the link for checking out TC items. Click it, and you'll be taken to a special page at TripleClicks and earn your points for the day.

IMPORTANT: Don't just click the link! When you arrive at TC, take the time to actually peruse through the latest listings. We have great new products coming in now daily; you're sure to find products that you want and/or that are perfect for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. And we all need to be actively patronizing our new ECAs (and our members who are listing their items on TC too of course).

If we all do this–and not just hope everyone else does–we'll attract even more ECAs, more great products and even better prices and deals, which will of course result in more traffic, more TC members, and bigger commissions for everyone!

And you'll of course earn VersaPoints (VP) on every purchase that you can use to increase your SFI perks and payout, boost your Power Ranking, and qualify for valuable VP REWARDS, too!

Tip: To see JUST the ECA listings, click on the "ECA listings only" link in the TC store sidebar. And don't forget that you can use the various other sorts and filters located in the sidebar to quickly find what you're looking for.
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Marketing Index Tip 

The recently overhauled Marketing index at the SFI Affiliate Center helps you find the marketing methods and aids you and your team members want. Look for "Mktg" (replacing "R&S") in the main menu. The Marketing index organizes Marketing Methods and Marketing Aids into categories for Referring Members, Sponsoring Affiliates, and EyeEarn, as well as the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) and ClickBucks Supplemental Income Programs.

As part of the re-organization, EyeEarn marketing aids and methods are now separated from the Refer and Sponsor marketing sections. This change lets affiliates interested in using EyeEarn to simultaneously sponsor affiliates and refer TripleClicks members easily find only the EyeEarn aids and methods they're looking for. Note: Though encouraged, participation in the EyeEarn Co-op is NOT required to use EyeEarn marketing aids.

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The Essence Of SFI 

Many new affiliates who join SFI get overwhelmed. "Information overload" or sometimes just the perception that there is so much to read and learn "paralyzes" some affiliates and stops them in their tracks.

To help with this, SFI Founder Gery Carson has written an article, "The Essence Of SFI," which boils SFI down to three basic actions.

Read it now at: https://www.sfimg.com/EssenceOfSFI.sfi

Or, for an audio version, in which you can hear Gery recite the article, just click the audio icon in the top right corner of the article.

Tip: If you're sponsoring affiliates, you're undoubtedly hearing from people saying they are confused, stuck, or don't know what do. When this happens, be sure to point them to The Essence Of SFI article.
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QUICKTIP: TC Advanced Search lets you find the products you're looking for. 

The TripleClicks Advanced Search lets you narrow your search results at the store to generate a list of only the types and kinds of products you're looking for.

You can access the TC Advanced Search by clicking that link at the top of the TripleClicks.com page. Once there, you can locate and generate a list of products using one or more of the following parameters:

* Keyword
* ECA Name
* Item Number
* Department
* Price
* Free or Standard Shipping
* New or Used Items
* TC Direct, ECA, Member Listings
* Ship-from Country
* Ship-to Destination
* Date Added To Store
* Environmentally-Friendly Products
* Standing Order Eligible
* VersaPoints (VP)
* CV
* Customer Commissions

Be sure to access the advanced search to save time when browsing TripleClicks.com...and be sure to encourage your SFI Affiliates to do the same!
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Quicktip: Easy method to find items to list at TripleClicks 

For an easy way to find items to list at TripleClicks.com, grab your digital camera and take a walk around your home, garage, yard, etc. Chances are, you'll find lots of items you no longer need or want that would be ideal for listing at the TC store. Take a picture of the item(s) and go to TripleClicks.com to quickly and easily list that item within minutes.
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Quicktip: Get the latest SFI text ads for your marketing 

As you probably know, SFI offers lots of text ads that you can use for classified ads, in blogs, on personal Websites, and more. What you may not know, though, is that we regularly add new ads submitted by SFI Team Leaders. To see the latest submissions that you can use in your marketing, check out Customer Referral Text Ads and/or Sponsoring Text Ads at the SFI Affiliate Center.
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Clear, Easy SFI Instructions 

Check out your SFI Homepage for a clear, easy to-do list to follow, as well as a handy outline of points you've scored this month. Especially helpful for new affiliates, the to-do list page is definitely one to point your incoming team members to!
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QUICKTIP: A good word can go a long way 

Check out the Recognition section at the SFI Forum and post a good word about your PSAs, upline members, and other SFI Affiliates for their good works, milestones, and more. This recognition is a quick, easy way to give kudos and encouragement to your active team members to remain active in their businesses and provide an example to your other affiliates.

You can access the Recognition Forum HERE.

TIP: After you've made a recognition post, be sure to let the person(s) know so they can see what you've said about them.
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SFI Affiliate Question Of The Week  

What are the best actions to focus on for earning VersaPoints?

A: The ones that create income for you of course! You create revenue in your organization from sales and purchases made at TripleClicks.com by the customers you REFER and the affiliates you SPONSOR...and then you MAXIMIZE the commissions you earn on that revenue by achieving the maximum number of VersaPoints you can each month. In this way, by focusing on referring and sponsoring, you can both create AND maximize your earnings with SFI.

You will, of course, want to complete all the Training and Business Set-Up Actions on your To-Do List, but the income you earn ultimately comes from your referring and sponsoring activities.
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QUICKTIP: Professionalism Matters 

An image of professionalism is vital no matter what type of business you own. By posting your photo at the SFI Affiliate Center, that professionalism is on display for your sponsored affiliates logging into the Affiliate Center. Consequently, using icons or pictures of pets, children, and others may only serve to distract from your business image.

That's why we at SFI strongly recommend you use a nice, clear photograph of you for display to your sponsored affiliates. In this way, you can begin to build a business relationship with your affiliates, and they can see that a real person awaits to help them build their businesses.

NOTE: To ensure your picture appears clearly and correctly on the SFI Affiliate Center, check out the helpful tips in this article explaining exactly how to crop and re-size your photos.
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Thread Of The Day (12/01/09) 

Check out this excellent thread full of questions and answers on VersaPoints:


You can also get more information at the VersaPoints Forum here.

And don't forget...there are lots of other great tips from affiliates located in our Training area.
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Grow your commissions with this great new tip 

When you receive notifications of new personally sponsored affiliates, log in at the Affiliate Center IMMEDIATELY (while they are still online) and initiate a chat with them! The email notification contains a link for this.

Let them know you are their sponsor, welcome them to SFI, and ask if you can assist them with anything to get started. This is a great way to make a great first impression and it can be HUGE for you in getting your affiliates engaged and active--which is key for growing your business and your monthly commissions!

Learn more about SFI's new Instant Messaging service HERE.
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Stay connected with SFI Instant Messaging 

Use SFI's built-in instant messaging to communicate in real time with both upline and downline members right from within the SFI Affiliate Center.

To use SFIM, just look for the "yellow SFIM bubbles." That is, on your Genealogy, on My Movers, on Affiliate Manager pages, and on your Upline Team page, you'll see a small bubble icon. If it's gray, that indicates the person is not online at the Affiliate Center. If the bubble is YELLOW, however, that means they ARE online currently and you can initiate an online conversation with them instantly.

Initiating a conversion is super simple. Just click on the yellow bubble!

On their end, a pulsating "SFIM" icon will appear in the header (of the Affiliate Center). Clicking on this icon will allow them to proceed to a live instant messaging conversation with you if they wish to.

Here are four tips for using SFIM:

The easiest way to see who's online right now is to go to your genealogy and choose the "Online" filter. Select Online = Yes, then click the "filter" button and you'll see a listing of everyone in your downline who is currently online at the Affiliate Center. You can now initiate conversations by clicking the yellow bubbles beside their names. If no names appear, this means no one in your downline is currently visiting the Affiliate Center, but you can of course try again later.

2. If you're chatting with a person who's primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in a another window browser so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

3. Just as this article emphasizes, when you're initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Use SFIM to support and assist your downline and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.

4. If you see the yellow bubble beside your sponsor's name in the top right corner of the header at the Affiliate Center, this indicates your sponsor is online currently. Click the yellow bubble to initiate a conversation with your sponsor.
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