Int'l Affiliates: No credit card? No problem! 

SFI Affiliates living outside the U.S. have a variety of payment options available to them at the TripleClicks store. The exact methods accepted varies by the country in which the affiliate lives. To view your payment options, log in at and select “View your payment options for your country” under the My Account section. Affiliates can also view a complete list of all payment options accepted by SFI at the International Affiliate Resources page at the SFI Affiliate Center.
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Exclusively for you and your team members at TripleClicks... 

Our SFI Affiliates are special...SO special in fact that some of our ECAs have begun to target affiliates with products, tools, and offers at the TripleClicks store specifically designed for SFI. To browse through these special items, just search for "SFI" at the TripleClicks store. And don't forget to check out the store's SFI Department for exclusive EyeEarn, TripleClicks, and SFI marketing products, ebooks, booster club specials, and other items available only to affiliates.
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QUICK TIP: Pick up 10 easy VersaPoints 

We recently added an easy, new VersaPoint pointable action. You can now earn 10 points just by reading the Standing Order Central Information Page and clicking the 10V graphic in the upper right corner of the page after you've finished reading. (NOTE: If you don't see the graphic on the Standing Order information page, the system has already credited you the 10 VersaPoints.)

To view all the actions on which you can earn VersaPoints, see your VersaPoints Scoreboard.
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Know your SFI: the Standing Order Central info page 

If you haven't had a chance, check out SFI's informative new "central info page" for all the details about SFI Standing Orders.

What is a Standing Order? Standing Orders are great, convenient ways to get your favorite product(s) automatically delivered each month without the hassle of reordering. You can also ensure you maintain your VersaPoint level; get your bonuses, commissions, and other perks every month; and remain a member in good standing of the TripleClicks Booster Club.

The Standing Order Central Information page describes the benefits of setting up a Standing Order (SO) for your SFI business and your team, along with simple steps on how to set up, modify, add to, and cancel an SO of your own.

Access it HERE. And don't forget to tell your team members to do the same!
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Give your business a boost! 

If you haven't done so already, be sure join the TripleClicks Booster Club as soon as you can. It's the best way to boost your commissions and provides great benefits to you including special discounts and recognition. Get full details HERE.
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Pick up easy VersaPoints each day! 

Make sure you stop by TripleClicks and check out the new daily product additions--and earn two quick VersaPoints for doing so. Just go to your homepage at the SFI Affiliate Center. On your SFI To-Do List, under Daily Actions, click "For checking out the latest items at TripleClicks." You'll be redirected to a list of the newest items at the store.

NOTE: For more new, great ECA products at the store check out our new ECA Report at the Affiliate Center. Bookmark and check daily for the latest ECAs in your country.

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QuickTip: Don't miss the red flags! 

Keep an eye on your Genealogy for red "<500" flags. Affiliates with this flag next to their information indicates they've generated less than 500 VersaPoints in the last 90 days and are in jeopardy of having their SFI affiliateship canceled at the end of the current month.

Although SFI starts to send notifications about the red flag status to these affiliates beginning on the 15th of each month, there's no substitute for PRO-ACTIVE, personal contact by you, their SFI Sponsor!

Here's a sample letter you could edit and use:


Hi Tom,

My Genealogy is indicating that you have less than 500 VersaPoints in the last 60 days. This is less than SFI's Minimum Activity Requirement, so your SFI affiliateship could be canceled at the end of this month.

You are an important member of my team and I'd really hate to lose you! So how can I help? Are there questions I can answer for you? Is there anything I can assist you with?

I'm extremely excited about what SFI is doing. With its new E-Commerce Associates program, for example, the SFI opportunity has just taken a huge leap forward. I'm going to be very active with SFI personally and I would really like to be able to work with you as a key member of my team.

Please drop me a quick e-mail and let me know what I can do to help you get the points you need before the end of the month.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name
Your contact information



For quick, easy points, TCredits are one of the best values and can even be tax-deductible if used for attracting new TC members. One TCredit is just $1.99 and comes with 110 VersaPoints. Two TCredits is just $3.98 and comes with 220 points. Three TCredits is just $5.97 and comes with 330 points. Four TCredits is just $7.96 and comes with 440 points. What can you do with TCredits? See TCredits FAQs HERE.

Note also that many additional uses for TCredits are coming to TripleClicks. Order TCredits at Just log in at TC and search for "TCredit."
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Marketing outside the box 

Sponsoring affiliates, referring TripleClicks members, and driving duplication in your team are key to creating big incomes at SFI.  But don't forget that you can also add to your income in these two ways:

1. Sell stuff around your house you don't need for extra cash. You can even list your first 50 items on TripleClicks free! After completing the SFI LaunchPad series, you'll have 50 complementary TCredits, which you can use to post listings of your items at the store.

2. Consider becoming an ECA and setting up a TConnect store at TripleClicks. Then just promote your ECA Gateway to your online customers. If you need ideas on items you can sell, see this article
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Use TC banners to attract new customers 

Thanks to our new ECA program, thousands of new products are constantly flowing into TripleClicks. With the store growing stronger every day, there's never been a better time to get the word out about the deals, products, and services at TC.

To help you promote TC, several banners designed to market the store to bargain hunters and online consumers around the world are now available.

To use the new banners, just log in to the SFI Affiliate Center, go to the "Banners For Referring TripleClicks Members" page in the Member Referral Aids section, and click "TC general ad banners." Follow the easy directions to install the banner on your site or blog.

By the way, if you haven't already installed a TC banner on your site, you can earn 100 VP for installing a TripleClicks banner on your Website or blog. See the VP Scoreboard for details.
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Business building tip 

Experts and successful entrepreneurs agree: a big part of success is in the follow-up. Don't let your initial marketing efforts go to waste. Make an effort to follow up with your PSAs who have not yet confirmed their registration and procured full access to SFI.

At least twice a week, stop by and check your Non-Confirmed PSA Report report. Look for any new names and contact each PSA, advising him or her to log in to the SFI Affiliate Center. They will then see an alert with a link to have a confirmation e-mail re-sent to them--and YOU will add another confirmed affiliate to your team!

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Easy-to-find SFI marketing items at TC 

It's easy to find the SFI-related items you and your team members are looking for. Instead of searching among general items in the TC catalog for specific SFI, ECA, and TC items (X-Cards, postcards, brochures, T-shirts, hats, etc.), simply:

1. Log in at TC using your SFI ID and password.

2. Click the "SFI" department located in the department list on the left side of the TC homepage. All SFI-specific items will be displayed for you.

3. To narrow your result, use the filters in the sidebar. For example, if you're looking for TC shirts to use when contacting prospective ECAs, click the TripleClicks filter.

*The SFI department is for SFI Affiliates ONLY. You must first log in to TC to access the department.
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SFI Basics on the SFI homepage 

Many new SFI affiliates get lost or are overwhelmed by the information outlined on the SFI To-Do List. That's why we've created the "SFI Basics" tab, now the default tab on the SFI's homepage.

The information on "SFI Basics," makes SFI simpler for your incoming affiliates. It explains the three basic parts to SFI (Refer TripleClicks Members, Sponsor Affiliates, Duplicate), essential aspects of the program that new affiliates should understand first.

Be sure you refer your new affiliates to the "SFI Basics" tab. Be ready to answer their questions and help them get a good start building their SFI businesses.
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A new insight on the ECA opportunity 

The following was posted on the SFI Forum today by JD:


"I own a 1965 Ford Thunderbird and I am constantly ordering restoration parts as it is an ongoing project. If you go on one of TC's biggest competitor's site and search for 1965 Tbird you find at least 500 different items every week. Folks you are missing out on a HUGE category of items to be sold on TC. There are literally 100's of car parts dealers out there.

So here's another tip for you. Do all of us car lovers a huge favor and PLEASE print off the free flyers that SFI gives you to promote the ECA program, and send them to classic car parts dealers around the world.

I'd LOVE to be able to buy my parts from an ECA that you signed up! I would be placing multiple orders every week.

One of the dealers I had contacted was concerned about the minimum 15% received by TC upon every sale. I just informed that I'd be happy to pay 15% ABOVE their regular retail (catalog) price to be able to order from them on TC. All they need to do is add 15% to their regular price.

One more thing on this....the more members who send out flyers and brochures to these dealers, the more chance there is that they will become an ECA (once they see how popular TC is becoming). Don't worry about "saturation" or sending a flyer to a business that someone else has already sent to...the more the better. Let's saturate!!

Again, it's win-win-win: They make money selling on TC, you make overrides, and I get to earn VP's while restoring my Bird!"


Are lightbulbs going on in your head? They should be. The opportunity to sign up ECAs right now is quite possibly the biggest opportunity SFI has ever offered its affiliates, not just for auto parts of course, but for MILLIONS of products and services worldwide. Make sure YOU are not missing out. To get up to speed on the ECA program, start here:
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Putting a stop to frequent Affiliate Center log-offs 

Are you experiencing frequent log-offs when surfing your SFI Affiliate Center ( Most likely, the issue is a result of security settings on your computer and is easy to fix.

First, a little background: SFI's system requires ONE login per session, set at 45 minutes (an established standard duration for secure sites such as ours). So long as an affiliate does not remain on any one page longer than 45 minutes, he or she will remain logged in to the Affiliate Center indefinitely. NOTE: An infrequent exception (normally less than once a week) is when SFI Administration needs to restart the system.

If you're experiencing frequent log-offs, it is probably due to one of these common causes for failure to access secured SFI pages:

* SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 must be checked in your Internet options. In Internet Explorer, you can access these settings via the Tools menu, then Internet Options and the Advanced tab.

* Firewall programs, especially Norton, frequently block access to SFI's secure pages. If you are running a firewall on your computer, check the program's settings to ensure SFI pages are allowed.

* If you have disabled third-party cookies in your browser, you must specify in the cookie settings/permissions to allow

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QuickTip: Focus on your affiliates' concerns 

Did you know recent surveys of workers and retirees show more than 25% of workers and retirees say they have less than $1,000 saved for their "golden years"?

What does this mean to you as a business leader and SFI Affiliate Sponsor? Discussing the disparity of your affiliates' retirement dreams with their possibly low current retirement savings can motivate them to take action NOW with an SFI business of their own.

You can focus on the contrast of today's retirement savings and lifelong dreams in your ads for prospective affiliates. SFI has made this easy with these handsome financial- and retirement-focused banners you can start to use immediately.

Additionally, consider broaching the topic in a segment in your next communication or newsletter with your team. Point out the extra-income benefits of an SFI business of their own and refer them to the SFI Affiliate Center for assistance and resources. Access your Genealogy and click the "Send an e-mail/team mail to this group" link for an easy way to send e-mails to your team. You could also use the PSA Mailer to send your message to just your personally sponsored affiliates.
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