Grow your commissions with this great new tip 

When you receive notifications of new personally sponsored affiliates, log in at the Affiliate Center IMMEDIATELY (while they are still online) and initiate a chat with them! The email notification contains a link for this.

Let them know you are their sponsor, welcome them to SFI, and ask if you can assist them with anything to get started. This is a great way to make a great first impression and it can be HUGE for you in getting your affiliates engaged and active--which is key for growing your business and your monthly commissions!

Learn more about SFI's new Instant Messaging service HERE.
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Stay connected with SFI Instant Messaging 

Use SFI's built-in instant messaging to communicate in real time with both upline and downline members right from within the SFI Affiliate Center.

To use SFIM, just look for the "yellow SFIM bubbles." That is, on your Genealogy, on My Movers, on Affiliate Manager pages, and on your Upline Team page, you'll see a small bubble icon. If it's gray, that indicates the person is not online at the Affiliate Center. If the bubble is YELLOW, however, that means they ARE online currently and you can initiate an online conversation with them instantly.

Initiating a conversion is super simple. Just click on the yellow bubble!

On their end, a pulsating "SFIM" icon will appear in the header (of the Affiliate Center). Clicking on this icon will allow them to proceed to a live instant messaging conversation with you if they wish to.

Here are four tips for using SFIM:

The easiest way to see who's online right now is to go to your genealogy and choose the "Online" filter. Select Online = Yes, then click the "filter" button and you'll see a listing of everyone in your downline who is currently online at the Affiliate Center. You can now initiate conversations by clicking the yellow bubbles beside their names. If no names appear, this means no one in your downline is currently visiting the Affiliate Center, but you can of course try again later.

2. If you're chatting with a person who's primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in a another window browser so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

3. Just as this article emphasizes, when you're initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Use SFIM to support and assist your downline and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.

4. If you see the yellow bubble beside your sponsor's name in the top right corner of the header at the Affiliate Center, this indicates your sponsor is online currently. Click the yellow bubble to initiate a conversation with your sponsor.
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SFI Affiliate Question Of The Week 

What's an easy method for sponsoring new SFI affiliates?

One simple method is to become a member of the EyeEarn Co-op Advertising Network. If you're not already a member, join now and you can start receiving a portion of the SFI Affiliates being generated daily worldwide by EyeEarn. Learn more about EyeEarn HERE.

And for more sponsoring ideas, see the Affiliate Sponsoring Methods page.
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Keep track of TripleClicks deals of the day 

Look for RSS or ATOM feed icons on the TripleClicks homepage to subscribe to a daily feed for the TripleClicks Deal of the Day. Just click one of the feed icons and select your preferences. By subscribing, you'll receive a feed notification describing the day's featured product, so you'll be sure not to miss out on great deals each day at the store.
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Easy team support tip 

You know what the #1 complaint/suggestion we get at SFI is? No support from the sponsor/upline Team Leader. And if you're neglecting your group, you're greatly marginalizing the most lucrative aspect of your business--and it's probably costing you plenty in commissions.

One easy solution is to start publishing a weekly or twice monthly newsletter to send to your group to show you are there for them (your Genealogy makes selecting and mailing to your group easy). Then be sure to give the personal attention where needed.

For tips on group mailings and other Genealogy functions, click HERE. You might also want to stop by the Sponsor section of the Affiliate Center for more tips, aids, and methods on motivating and growing your team.
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Thread Of The Day (11/04/09)  

Check out this excellent thread full of tips and advice from fellow SFI Affiliates on how to promote TripleClicks products:

And don't forget...there are lots of other great tips from affiliates located in our Training area HERE.
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Tips for uploading your photo at the SFI Affiliate Center 

Adding your photo to the Affiliate Center is a great way to ensure your new affiliates are greeted by not just your name but also a friendly face...YOURS! Your picture personalizes SFI for your new affiliates and lets them know that their sponsor is a real person. Consequently, SFI strongly encourages all affiliates to add their photos to their accounts.

But having a stretched or bad photograph of yourself can give a negative impression to your new affiliates. To ensure your picture appears clearly and correctly on the SFI Affiliate Center, check out the helpful tips in this article explaining exactly how to crop and re-size your photos.
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Genealogy tip... 

You can easily find information and e-mail addresses of all your personally sponsored and co-sponsored affiliates in your Genealogy report. Just select the Communications format. Click an individual e-mail address to send a message to a specific person, or "Send an e-mail/team mail to this group" link to send a group message (i.e., newsletter, announcement, etc).

Also, keep in mind that numerous formats, sorts, and filters are available in your Genealogy to display all kinds of details about your team members. Check them all out!
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Thread Of The Day (10/23/09) 

Check out SFI Forum Moderator Ray Richardson's excellent post on how to acquire EA status each month, the benefits of EyeEarn, and more.

And don't forget...there are lots of other great tips from affiliates located in our Training area HERE.
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Thread Of The Day (10/22/09) 

Check out SFI affiliate Roy J. Keller's excellent article on free advertising methods:

And don't forget...there are lots of other great tips from affiliates located in our Training area HERE.
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SFI Affiliate Question of the Week  

Looking for an easy way to spread the word about TripleClicks to your potential customers? You can post free or inexpensive classified ads about the store on a variety of Websites. Choose from these text ads. To learn more about how to get a classified ad campaign going, click HERE. You can also learn more about free advertising methods in Internet Income lessons #23 and #24.
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Tweeting TripleClicks 

Spread the word about a favorite TripleClicks item to all your Twitter followers. It's super easy. Log into the store, then click the "Tweet About This" button in the details page of your chosen product. A new window will open to your Twitter account. Log in to Twitter and you'll see the product description and a special URL ready to post.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you're logged in to the TripleClicks store when you click the "Tweet About This" button so your ID will be attached to the link and you'll be credited for any purchases made by customers you refer there.

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Increase your momentum...with My Movers 

My Movers is a powerful tool you need to get to know and USE DAILY.

Found on your SFI Homepage, the My Movers section provides you with an up-to-the-minute list of your 10 most active personally sponsored affiliates–based on VersaPoints. Rather than having to wade through your Genealogy to locate your "movers and shakers," we've put them right on your homepage for you so you can easily interact and assist them!

My Movers includes:

- Each affiliate's photo (if provided)
- All contact information provided (including phone numbers and instant messaging)
- Join Date (the date he/she joined SFI)
- Last login date
-Overall, country, and class Power Rankings
- VersaPoints so far this month

To help you coach your movers, we've also included the number of VersaPoints they need to advance to the next earnings level in SFI. SHOW THEM how they can earn the points they need and you'll help them...and you'll help yourself!

How? Click on their VersaPoints total for the month. You'll now see a listing (in a new window) of all the actions they've earned points for so far and all the actions that they can do to earn even more points. For many of your affiliates, you'll probably see a number of "easy" actions that they can grab quick points for–which can advance their Power Rank, payouts, and perks. Point these actions out to them and offer helpful advice where you can. For example, maybe they don't understand how to get set up to follow SFI on Twitter, but YOU do. Show them!

And if you need even more information, just click their SFI ID number to access our even-more-detailed Affiliate Manager screen in a new window.

Note that, by default, we'll display the 10 most active affiliates from your entire organization. However, if you prefer to identify movers from within your newer affiliates, you can click the link in the top right corner and it will display for you only affiliates who are in their first 30 days with SFI.

Tip: Identifying rising stars in SFI hasn't always been the easiest thing to do, but with VersaPoints, that's no longer true. With VersaPoints scores, you're looking at everything an affiliate does, not just narrow activities like recruiting affiliates. Indeed, you wouldn't want to overlook an affiliate who may be "soft" in other areas but who's generating big sales!

Using VersaPoints totals, it's now super easy to see who's active and who's not, who's moving up and who's an up-and-coming star. And once you've identified a star, you've identified a potential goldmine. See this "Ask Gery" article for more on this important topic.

By the way, your genealogy has also been updated to now include VersaPoints columns: "VP(M)" provides THIS MONTH's VersaPoints. "VP(T)" provide ALL VersaPoints accumulated to date.

Another neat feature of My Movers is the ability to add comments about each affiliate. Just click on the pencil icon to the right of the affiliate's name and you'll be able to add comments and notes for your own use (no one but you can see these notes!). The pencil icon changes to green to let you know that you've made previous notes. This same notes feature has also been added to the Genealogy!

Tip: We haven't determined the cause yet, but sometimes when you click the My Movers tab, you'll get fewer listings than there should be. If you experience this, just click on one of the other tabs like My Goals, then click on My Movers again and you'll likely have everything. Of course, if you do not have any personally sponsored affiliates yet, My Movers will not be able to display anything regardless.

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Using the TripleClicks advanced search option 

The TC Advanced Search can make it super easy to find exactly what you're looking for at

You can access the Advanced Search by clicking the link next to the standard search box on the TripleClicks homepage. From there, you can choose the parameters of your search, such as keyword, item number, department, price range, condition, country of origin or destination, date added to the store, Standing Order eligibility, and more.

Special note: Be sure you are logged in to access ALL Advanced Search features.

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SFI Affiliate Question of the Week  

Q: Should I contact the co-sponsorships I've received?

A: One of the reasons we created the co-sponsorship program is so that every affiliate has another support member to assist them. So, yes, we encourage you to reach out to the co-sponsorship affiliates you've been assigned, especially if their sponsor is not actively supporting them. Your Genealogy contains contact information so you can contact them directly (see COMMUNICATIONS format) or via the Genealogy's Group Messaging feature.

Here is a sample letter you can use to welcome a new co-sponsored affiliate to your team:


Hi FirstName,

My name is FirstName LastName and I've recently been appointed as your SFI co-sponsor.

What's a co-sponsor? This is a brand new position SFI created in August 2009. As your co-sponsor, I'm here to assist you and support you in building your SFI business.

By the way, co-sponsors aren't the only thing that's new at SFI. If you haven't looked at SFI lately, you definitely need to check them out again! With the changes made in August, SFI is exploding with growth. SFI is now much simpler, easier, and more profitable than ever before. I LOVE what they've done!

You can read about all the exciting August announcements at (see August 5th news and the first and second week "report cards").

You'll also want to log in at the SFI Affiliate Center ( When you get there, you'll see the new SFI Homepage, which now features a to-do list personalized just for you. This makes everything so simple because all you have to do is start completing the tasks on your to-do list. Each task earns you points and positions you for higher and higher payouts!

That's it for now. Be sure to log in at the SFI Affiliate Center as soon as you can, and if I can answer any questions or assist you in any way, just let me know.

I look forward to working with you!

Your First & Last Name
You SFI title (e.g. SFI Silver Team Leader)
Your contact information (e.g. email, phone, IM)
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